Sign (disambiguation)

Sign (disambiguation)

A sign is an entity which indicates another entity. This may refer to:

*Commercial signage
*Sign (display device)
**Stop sign
*Sign (semiotics)

*Plus and minus signs, used to indicate negative and non-negative numbers in mathematics
**Sign function, a function that extracts the sign of a real number

*Astrological sign
*Medical sign

Sign or SIGN may also refer to:

* ".hack//SIGN", an anime series
* Sign (band), an Icelandic band
* "Sign" (song), a 2004 song by Mr. Children
* "The Sign" (song), a 1993 song by Ace of Base

* Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network
* Servicio de Inteligencia de la Gendarmería Nacional, the Argentine intelligence service

ee also

* Signs (disambiguation)
* Signing (disambiguation)

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