Sardo logudorese

Sardo logudorese

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Sardu logudorese, or Logudorese, is a standardised dialect of Sardinian, often considered the most conservative of all Romance languages. Its ISO 639-3 code is "src".

Latin G and K before IPA|/i, IPA|e/ were not palatalized in it, in stark contrast with all other Romance languages. Compare Logudorese "chentu" with Italian "cento" IPA|/'tʃento/, Spanish "ciento" IPA|/θiento/ and French "cent" IPA|/sã/ (IPA|/θ/ and IPA|/s/ from IPA|/ts/).

Location and distribution

The name refers to the area of Logudoro (literally "golden place") in which it is spoken, a central-eastern subregion of the island of Sardinia which mainly defers to Ozieri ("Othieri") and Nuoro ("N`ugoro") for culture and language, as well as history. Roughly it is an area of 150 × 100 km, with some 500 000–700 000 inhabitants.

Origins and features

The language's origins have been investigated by several authors; Eduardo Blasco Ferrer's investigation is one of the most thorough. Studies show the language to be related to Etruscan, Latin, Catalan (due to Aragon's domain in the island) and Spanish. Comparisons have been made with "Sardo campidanese", the other main variant of the Sardinian language, spoken on the southern side of the island, and it seems that the two variants share common roots but have experienced different evolutions, even if Campidanese has clearer relationships with Southern Mediterranean languages.

Some roots, however, still cannot be deciphered. One root of uncertain etymology is "nur", e.g. in "Nuraghe" (the main Sardinian ancient monument, from which an era is called), and in many names of places (not only "thorps").

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Logudorian is that, due to the particular history of the area, it has suffered very little contamination and has changed very slowly, preserving traces of every innovation.


Logudorian has a number of dialects (see Sardinian language), perhaps one per village, with differences that may sometimes be relevant; nevertheless, there appear to be no communication problems among them.


Most of Sardinian poetry and literature are composed in Logudorian. See this list of authors.

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