Gaia or Gaea may refer to:

Earth and Solar System

*Gaea (crater), a crater on Amalthea, a moon of Jupiter
*Gaia (mythology), the primal Greek goddess of the earth
*Gaia hypothesis, an ecological hypothesis that considers the earth's ecosystem as a single organism
*Gaia mission, a European space mission due for launch in 2011
*Gaia Movement, an international network concerned for a more sustainable earth
*Gaia philosophy, a concept that living organisms on a planet will improve their environment


*Gaia (Final Fantasy VII), the world where the games take place
*Gaia (Final Fantasy IX), the world where the games take place
*Gaia (Foundation universe), a planet in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series
*Gaia (Marvel Comics), a character in Marvel Comics
*Gaea (Marvel Comics), a character in Marvel Comics
*Gaia Gear, a science-fiction story by Yoshiyuki Tomino
*Gaia, a character in the "Battle Arena Toshinden" video game series
*Gaea trilogy, three science fiction novels by John Varley
*ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam, a weapon from the Cosmic Era of the anime "Gundam" metaseries
*Gaea (Escaflowne), the planet in the anime "The Vision of Escaflowne"
*Gaia Moore, the heroine of the "Fearless" novel series by Francine Pascal
*Ultraman Gaia, a Japanese TV show
*Gaia, a character in God of War II
*Gaia, the Earth spirit in the movie ""
*Gaia, the spirit of Earth in the TV series "Captain Planet and the Planeteers"
*Gaia Records, a publishing company in the manga Nana
*Gaians, a faction in the game Alpha Centauri
*Gaea, an island in the novel "The Arm of the Starfish"
*Gaia , an omnipotent goddess that helps you in the game.


*Gaia Wise (born 1999), daughter of British actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson
*Gaia, pseudonym of DJ Armin Van Buuren (born 1976)


*"Gaia" (album), an album by Mägo de Oz
*"Gaia" (song), a song by The Devin Townsend Band
*Banco de Gaia, an English electronic music band
*"Gaia: One Woman's Journey", an album by Olivia Newton-John
*"Gaia", an EP by the Swedish band Tiamat
*"Gaia", an album and song by Valensia
*"Gaia", a song by Japanese rock band Janne Da Arc
*"Gaia", a song by James Taylor on Hourglass (album)
*"Gaia", a song by Japanese musician Kitarō


*Gaia (Havana), an arts center in Havana, Cuba
*Vila Nova de Gaia, a city in Portugal
*Grantley Adams International Airport, Barbados


*Illusion of Gaia


*GAEA Japan, a wrestling promotion
*Gaia Online, an Internet forum
*Gaia Power Technologies, a New York battery company
*Gaia Trafikk, a former Norwegian company
*Gaea Armor, a feature of game "Mega Man X5"
*Gaia, Science Park - Politecnico di Milano

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*Gaya (disambiguation)

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