Timeline of information theory

Timeline of information theory

A timeline of events related to s and related subjects.

* 1872 , and with it the formula Σ"p"i log "p"i for the entropy of a single gas particle.
* 1878 : the probabilities in the entropy formula are now taken as probabilities of the state of the "whole" system.
* 1924 discusses quantifying "intelligence" and the speed at which it can be transmitted by a communication system.
* 1927 , extending the Gibbs entropy to quantum mechanics.
* 1928 as the logarithm of the number of possible messages, with information being communicated when the receiver can distinguish one sequence of symbols from any other (regardless of any associated meaning).
* 1929 can sometimes transform information into the extraction of useful work.
* 1940 process.
* 1944 's theory of information is substantially complete.
* 1946 s for error detection and correction.
* 1948 "
* 1949
* 1949 " is declassified
* 1949
* 1950
* 1951
* 1951
* 1954 s
* 1955 s
* 1957 s
* 1959 s
* 1960 s
* 1962 s; they are unused for 30 years due to technical limitations.
* 1967 , making decoding of convolutional codes practicable.
* 1968 the following year.
* 1968 ) statistical and inductive inference
* 1973 .
* 1977 for IBM.
* 1977 )
* 1982 speeds from 9.6 Kb/s to 36 Kb/s.
* 1989 (LZ77 + Huffman coding); later to become the most widely used archive container and most widely used lossless compression algorithm
* 1993 s
* 1993

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