Public service announcement

Public service announcement

A public service announcement (PSA) or community service announcement (CSA) is a non-commercial advertisement broadcast on radio or television, ostensibly for the public good. PSAs are intended to emodify public attitudes by raising awareness about specific issues.

In the United States

The most common topics of PSAs are health and safety. A typical PSA is part of a public awareness campaign to inform or educate the public about an issue such as smoking or compulsive gambling.

Often, a charitable organization releasing a PSA enlists the support of a celebrity; examples include Michael J. Fox's PSAs in the U.S. supporting research into Parkinson's Disease and Crips street gang leader Stanley "Tookie" Williams speaking from prison to urge youth not to join gangs.

Some religious groups produce PSAs on non-religious themes such as family values. Examples include the long-running "Homefront" campaign from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Seventh-day Adventist Church, and more recently the United Methodist Church.

The military produces PSAs to recruit enlistees, in addition to paid advertising and sponsorship efforts.

In the U.S, the role of PSAs was affected by deregulation of the broadcasting industry in the 1980s. Previously, a broadcast license was assigned to a television or radio station that was expected to serve as a "public trustee" by airing PSAs (in addition to meeting other requirements).

Untited States producers distribute traditional PSAs distributed to station directors.

Well-known PSAs

*"Do you know where your children are?"
*"Don't Copy That Floppy"
*"Jem": "Doing the right thing makes you a superstar!"
*"Sailor Moon" (American version): "Sailor Moon Says!"
*The Incredible Crash Dummies: "You can learn a lot from a Dummy."
*"" and "Transformers": "And knowing is half the battle!"
*"Heritage Minutes"
*"Hinterland Who's Who"
*"Just Say No"
*"Crying Indian" (sponsored by Keep America Beautiful)
*"Love. It Comes in All Colors"
*"Learn Not to Burn" with Dick van Dyke
*"McGruff the Crime Dog": "Take a bite out of crime!"
*NBC's "One to Grow On"
*"Smokey Bear": "Only you can prevent forest fires!" and "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires!"
*NBC's "The More You Know"
*"This is Your Brain on Drugs"
*"I learned it by watching you"
*"I'm not a chicken, you're a turkey"
*"Woodsy Owl": "Give a hoot, don't pollute!" and "Lend a hand — care for the land!"
*"Mr. Yuk"
*Heather Crowe
*United Negro College Fund: "Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste."
*"C.O.P.S. For Kids"
*"Don't You Put It In Your Mouth" (sponsored by Health Canada)
* American Indian College Fund: "If I Stay on the Rez"
*Marine Corps Toys for Tots
*Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: "Sonic Sez" One segment became a YTMND page ("That's no good!")
*Captain Planet and the Planeteers: "Planeteer Alert!"
*Inspector Gadget: "Gadget Team Alert!"
*Click It or Ticket
*The Faster the Speed, the Bigger the Mess
*"FUR...You Deserve It" (anti-fur trading)
*Above the Influence
*"Yul Brynner": Now that I'm gone, I tell you: don't smoke (sponsored by American Cancer Society).

ee also

* Cause marketing
* Public information film


External links

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