John Marshall (disambiguation)

John Marshall (disambiguation)

John Marshall (1755–1835) is a former Chief Justice of the United States.

John Marshall may refer to the following people:

"Athletes and coaches":
*John Marshall (swimmer), swimmer from Australia
*John Marshall (football coach), defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks
*John Marshall (runner) (born 1963), American middle-distance runner"Artists and entertainers":
*John Marshall (cartoonist), American comic strip artist
*John Stanley Marshall, British jazz drummer
*John Marshall (filmmaker) (1932-2005)
*John Marshall (guitarist), former Metallica roadie and Metal Church guitarist
*John Marshall (musician) (1954-), American percussionist"Politicians and judges":
*John Marshall, Lord Curriehill (1794–1868), British judge
*John Marshall (1797-1836), English politician, Member of Parliament for Leeds
*Jack Marshall (1912–1988), New Zealand politician
*John Leslie Marshall, British MEP 1979-89 and MP 1987-97
*John W. Marshall, Virginia Secretary of Public Safety"Others":
*John Marshal (Earl Marshal), 12th century Earl Marshal of England
*John Marshall (industrialist) (1765-1845), English Industrialist and MP
*John Marshall (bishop), 15th century Bishop of Llandaff
*John Marshall (priest) (1534-1597)
*John Marshall (archaeologist) (1876–1958)
*John Marshall (British captain) (1748–1819)

John Marshall may also refer to:
*John Marshall Law School

ee also

*Jack Marshall (disambiguation) (Jack is a derivative form of John)

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