Agni (disambiguation)

Agni (disambiguation)

Agni may refer to:
*Agni, the Sanskrit for "fire"
**Agni (Ayurveda)

* Agni is another name for the Anyin language, a language spoken principally in the Côte d'Ivoire.
* Agne, an early king of Sweden in Norse mythology

as a given name:
* Agni Pratistha, Miss Indonesia Universe 2006

an Indian rock band
* Agni (band)

proper names and brands:
* Agni missile system
* cyclone Agni, a tropical cyclone with an Indian name in 2004
* AGNI, the literary magazine

popular culture:
* Aguni, a boss in (and in a later released, though with a chronologically earlier plot, ) that takes the form of a gigantic flame-engulfed demon used by Celia Fortner to fuse with Dario Bossi's soul to increase his pyrokinetic powers. It has the head of a bull's skull, the skeletal torso of a broad-shouldered man, gigantic claw-tipped hands and a golden 'belt' with a purple crystal at its centre which gives it levitating powers. It uses pillars of flame and its gigantic claws to attack.
* Agni, the currently active Second Life grid
*Agni, one of the bosses in along with Rudra

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