Angelo is a given name that may refer to:

*Angelo Badalamenti (born 1937), American composer
*Angelo Bertelli (1921-1999), American football quarterback
*Angelo Bronzino (1503-1572), Italian Mannerist painter
*Angelo Bruno (1910-1980), American mobster
*Angelo Buono, Jr. (1934-2002), American serial killer
*Angelo Cataldi (born 1951), American sportcaster based in Philadelphia
*Angelo Dundee (born 1921), American boxing trainer
*Angelo Fusco (born 1956), Provisional Irish Republican Army member
*Angelo Garcia (born 1976), Puerto Rican Singer (ex-member of Menudo)
*Angelo Lano, American FBI agent who headed the Watergate investigation
*Angelo Mariani (1838-1914), French chemist
*Angelo Mosca (1938-present), wrestler and Canadian Football Player
*Angelo Ambrogini Poliziano (1454–1494), Florentine classical scholar and poet
*Angelo Secchi (1818-1878), Italian astronomer
*Angelo Torres, cartoonist and caricaturist

As a surname it may refer to:

*Jeff Angelo, Iowa politician
*D'Angelo (born 1974), American musician
*Beverly D'Angelo (born 1951), American film actress and singer
*Michael Angelo


*San Angelo, city in Texas, United States of America
*Santo Angelo, Brazilian city

Other uses

*Angelo (Shakespeare), a character in the William Shakespeare play "Measure for Measure"
*Angelo (Shakespeare), a character in the William Shakespeare play "Comedy of Errors"
*Angelo (song), a UK number one single by Brotherhood of Man
*Avenging Angelo, a film
*Angelo Hastings, a fictional character from WHSC
*"Angelo (The Pretender)", a character in the TV series the Pretender, portrayed by Paul DillonPIERROT
*Locations in Rome, Italy
*Castel Sant'Angelo, a castle in Rome
*Ponte Sant'Angelo, a bridge in Rome
* A fictional character in Dragon Quest VIII
*Locations in San Angelo, Texas, USA
**Angelo State University
**San Angelo Colts

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