Nerine (Shuffle!)

Nerine (Shuffle!)

Nerine Forbesii, [While never mentioned in the series, the official "Shuffle! Visual Fan Book" (p.58) states that Forbesii is in fact Nerine's "technical name" (in other words, her surname). Her full name is spelled ネリネ フォーベシイ ("Nerine Fōbeshii") in Japanese. Her nickname is spelled as リン ("Rin").] or Rin, is a demoness from the demon world attending Verbana Academy from "Shuffle!" looking for Rin as a possible marriage candidate. While her cooking skills are poor, her magic capabilities are impressive, with enough destructive power to level entire city blocks. Her grades in school are also excellent.

While Nerine's nickname, Rin, and Rin Tsuchimi's given name are the same, the two are generally differentiated by the honorific titles they are addressed by. Nerine is referred to as Rin-"chan", while Tsuchimi is addressed as either Rin-"kun", Rin-"sama", or Rin-"dono". However, Tsuchimi is also called Rin-"chan" by some, such as Asa, so context is the most important factor.

Nerine is named after the "Nerine samiensis", also known as the diamond lily, a species of flower bearing plants of the "Nerine" genus native to South Africa."Shuffle! Visual Fan Book", p. 17.] In "hanakotoba", (the Japanese language of flowers), this flower has connotations of "happy memories".

In the normal timeline, Nerine is the daughter of Forbesii and Sage. However, if the alternate timeline is caused in "Tick! Tack!", her mother is Ai. The alternate Nerine has reddish hair and an opposite personality to that of the normal Nerine. In both timelines, she is also Cineraria and Eustoma's niece and Lisianthus's cousin.

Nerine is voiced by Haruka Nagami and was designed by Hiro Suzuhira. She is voiced by Caitlin Glass in the English version of the anime.

Anime Story Arc

Nerine's story arc, overlapping with Primula's, begins with the introduction of Nerine's clone, Lycoris. Nerine, throughout the series, tries to improve at cooking, but the only item she can make are omelettes. Nerine is very determined to get better at cooking, which she thinks of as her weakest and most unattractive point, so she can make more food for Rin. Initially, Nerine often becomes depressed when seeing Rin with Sia, but after her confession to Rin about Lycoris' identity and her own love for Rin (which had blossomed during her effort to fulfill Lycoris' last wish), she no longer becomes depressed, as she realizes that she may never win Rin's heart. Nerine joins the school-broadcasting club and has made new friends at her school. She tells Rin that she will keep on loving him, but will not let that interfere with her own life.


nihongo|Lycoris|リコリス|Ricorisu is a clone grown from Nerine's cells and is the second artificial life form created by the gods and devils, and was the girl who had met Rin as children (the one who met Rin was not Nerine, as characters in the anime previously stated). Lycoris and Rin met about 8 years before the start of the storyline and Lycoris fell in love with him. Because Nerine had caught an incurable illness, Lycoris gave her life to save Nerine. Before she gave up her life, however, she told Nerine all about Rin and asked her to see him when she gets better. Following Lycoris' sacrifice, Lycoris' soul integrated with Nerine's and inadvertently also transferred to Nerine her thoughts, talents and wishes, as well as her love for Rin.

Lycoris is physically different from Nerine in that they have different eye and hair colors.

She is named after the "Lycoris" genus, which is very similar to the "Nerine" genus. In a direct opposite of Nerine's name, Lycoris means "sorrowful memories" in "hanakotoba".


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