Dar Al-Hekma College

Dar Al-Hekma College
Dar Al-Hekma College
Established 1999
Type College
Dean Dr. Suhair H. Al-Qurashi[1]
Location Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Website http://www.dah.edu.sa

Dar Al-Hekma College is a private, non-profit institution of higher education for women in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Classes are taught in English. The college started in September 1999, with the approval of the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education. Students at the college are eligible for financial support from the state.[1]



The college was founded in September 1999, with private donations and advice from the Texas International Education Consortium, offering classes in Arabic and English.[2] The first year, 120 students enrolled in three majors,[3] management information systems, interior design, and special education.[4] In 2002, a nursing program was added.[3]

The school started expanding its facilities in 2003, with financial support from Mohammed ibn Isa Al-Jaber, a Saudi businessman, for whom one of the buildings was named.[5] Applications for enrollment in 2003 exceeded the number of graduates, a development coinciding with the realization in Saudi Arabia of high unemployment for women, estimated to be as high as 98%.[6]

Number of graduates

In 2003, the first group of graduates was honored at a ceremony by Crown Prince Abdullah.[2] In 2004, forty-eight students received their diplomas, in the presence of Princess Al-Jowhara bint Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim, wife of King Fahd.[4] In 2005, at the third graduation ceremony, seventy-seven women graduated, thirty-three of whom in Management Information Systems.[3]

Academic programs

Dar AL-Hekma College.
Dar AL-Hekma College.

Dar Al-Hekma College offers the Bachelors of Science degree in the School of Business Studies, in Management Information Systems and in Banking and Finance; the Bachelor of Arts degree in the School of Creative Studies, in Interior Design and in Graphic Design, and the Bachelors of Science degree in the School of Health and Human Development Studies in Special Education, in Nursing, and in Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences.

The campus

Dar Al-Hekma College is housed in an integrated complex consisting of four 4-story halls with modern teaching and research facilities, a central building, and a 1500-seat auditorium.


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