Pont-Aven School

Pont-Aven School

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Pont-Aven is a commune of the Finistère "département", in Brittany, France, some distance from inland from where the River Aven meets the Atlantic Ocean. From the 1850s painters began to frequent Pont-Aven, wanting to spend their summers away from the city, on a low budget in a picturesque place not yet spoilt by tourism. Gauguin first worked in Pont-Aven in 1886. When he returned in 1888, the situation had changed: Pont-Aven was already crowded, and Gauguin looked for an alternative place to work which he found, in 1889, in Le Pouldu (today part of the community of Clohars-Carnoët), some miles off to the East at the mouth of the river Laïta, traditionally the border of the Morbihan departement. There Gauguin, accompanied by Meijer de Haan, Filiger, and for a while by Sérusier, spent the winter of 1889/1890 and several months afterwards.

Artists working in Pont-Aven (or Le Pouldu)

* Paul Gauguin 1886, 1888, 1889-1890 and 1894
* Emile Bernard 1888 and 1891-1893
* Charles Laval 1888
* Emile Schuffenecker
* Meijer de Haan
* Władysław Ślewiński
* Paul Sérusier 1888, 1889 (and 1889, 1890)
* Armand Séguin
* Charles Filiger
* Jan Verkade
* Mogens Ballin
* Henry Moret
* Ernest Ponthier de Chamaillard
* Gustave Loiseau
* Emile Jourdan
* Jens Ferdinand Willumsen
* Roderic O'Conor
* Maurice Denis
* Robert Polhill Bevan 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893 and 1894
* Franck C. Penfold circa 1880




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