Kenn Kaufman

Kenn Kaufman

Kenn Kaufman (born 1954) is an American author, artist, naturalist, and conservationist, known for his work on several popular field guides of birds and butterflies in North America.

Born in South Bend, Indiana, Kaufman started birding from the age of six, and by sixteen, inspired by birding pioneers such as Roger Tory Peterson, he dropped out of high school and began hitchhiking around North America in pursuit of birds. Three years later, in 1973, he set the record for the most North American bird species seen in one year (671), though this record included regions like Baja California that are no longer ornithologically considered part of North America, and it has since been surpassed. His cross-country birding journey, covering some eighty thousand miles, was eventually recorded in a memoir, "Kingbird Highway".

Subsequently, he focused his work on creating and expanding upon birding field guides. In 1992, he was given the Ludlow Griscom Award by the American Birding Association.

Kaufman currently resides in Rocky Ridge, Ohio.


* "Kaufman Focus Guides: Birds of North America"
* "Kaufman Focus Guides: Butterflies of North America" (with Jim P. Brock)
* "Kaufman Focus Guides: Mammals of North America" (with Rick Bowers and Nora Bowers)
* "Kaufman Focus Guides: Insects of North America" (with Eric R. Eaton)
* "Kaufman guia de campo a las aves de norteamerica"
* "Kingbird Highway"
* "Lives of American Birds"
* "The Peterson Guide to Advanced Birding"
* "Flights Against the Sunset: Stories that Reunited a Mother and Son" (2008)

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