Witch trial

Witch trial

* Salem witch trials - 1692-1693, Salem, Massachusetts, United States
* Torsåker witch trials - 1675, Torsåker, Sweden
* Ramsele witch trial - 1634, Ramsele, Sweden
* North Berwick witch trials - 1590, North Berwick, Scotland
* Bideford witch trial - 1682, Bideford, England
* Basque witch trials - 1609, Logroño, Spain
* Bury St. Edmunds witch trials - 1645, 1662, 1655 & 1694, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England
* Vardö witch trial - 1662-1663, Vardö, Norway
* Würzburg witch trial -1627-1629, Würzburg, Germany
* Pendle witch trials - 1612, Pendle, Lancashire, England
* Paisley witch trials - 1696, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland

See also Witch-hunt for the wider European and American witch trials.

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  • Doruchów witch trial — The Doruchów witch trial, was a witch trial which took place in the village of Doruchów in Poland in the 18th century.[1] It was the last mass trial of sorcery and witch craft in Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. The trial allegedly resulted in the …   Wikipedia

  • Mora witch trial — The Mora witch trial, which took place in Mora, Sweden, in 1669, is the most internationally famous Swedish witch trial. Reports of the trial spread throughout Europe, and a provocative German illustration of the execution is considered to have… …   Wikipedia

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  • Finspång witch trial — The Finspång witch trial was a legendary witch trial which took place in Finspång Östergötland in Sweden in 1617. Between seven and nine women died as a result. It has a special place in its country s history as one of the very few larger witch… …   Wikipedia

  • Würzburg witch trial — The Würzburg witch trial, which took place in 1626 ndash;1631, is one of the biggest mass trials and mass executions seen in Europe during peace time; 157 men, women and children in the city of Würzburg were burned alive at the stake; 219 are… …   Wikipedia

  • Ramsele witch trial — The Ramsele witch trial, which took place in 1634, is one of the few known Swedish witch trials before the great witch mania of 1668 1676. In the year of 1634 a man and several women were put on trial in the city of Ramsele in Ångermanland in… …   Wikipedia

  • Kirkjuból witch trial — The Kirkjuból witch trial was the perhaps best known witch trial in Iceland. It took place in Kirkjuból in 1656.The witch trial was caused by the priest Jón Magnússon, who had been suffering poor health since 1654. That year, a with trial was… …   Wikipedia

  • Spa witch trial — The Spa witch trial took place in the city of Spa in present day Belgium, which was then the Spanish Netherlands, in 1616. It was one of the larger and more known of the witch trials in Belgium. It led to the execution of ten women, and possibly… …   Wikipedia

  • Islandmagee witch trial — The Islandmagee witch trial took place in 1710 1711 on Island Magee in Ireland. It is believed to be the last witch trial in Ireland.The trial was caused by a phenomenon of poltergeists and possession in the house of a Mrs Haltridge. In 1710, Mrs …   Wikipedia

  • Roermond witch trial — The Roermond witch trial, which took place in the city of Roermond in The Netherlands in 1613, was the largest witch trial in The Netherlands.Fact|date=September 2008 It caused the death of sixty four people by burning. In 1613, the city of… …   Wikipedia

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