Zonguldak Province

Zonguldak Province

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Zonguldak is a province along the western Black Sea coast region of Turkey. The province is 3.481 km² in size and has a population of 558,645. Its adjacent provinces are Duzce to the southwest, Bolu to the south, Karabük to the southeast, and Bartın to the east. The capital is Zonguldak.

Since the discovery of coal in the province, Zonguldak has become a major coal production center.


Zonguldak province is divided into 6 districts (capital district in bold):
*Ereğli (Heraclea Pontica)

ites of interest

Ilıksu, Kapuz, Göbü beaches, National Sovereignty Forest, Lake (Göl) Mountain, Plateau, Kocaman, Bostanözü, Çamlık, Baklabostan and Gürleyik forest recreation areas, Cumayanı, Kızılelma, Mencilis caves.


Ereğli Museum
Address: Atatürk Kültür Sitesi Ereğli - Zonguldak
Tel: (372) 312 03 62
Open Daily except Mondays: 08:00 - 16:30


Ereğli was founded during the 6th century B.C. by the Mariandines, who were the successors of the Phrygians. Ereğli was an important commercial wharf (emperion), which takes its name from the famous mythic hero, Hercules (Heracles). The city preserved its importance during the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman Empire periods. Important historical ruins in the region include the Acheron Valley ruins, in which the Cehennem Ağzı caverns are located, along with Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman ruins, Ereğli Castle, Heracles Palace, Çeştepe Lighthouse tower, Byzantine water cisterns, Krispos mausoleum, Byzantine church and Halil Paşa Mansion.


Many natural and sandy beaches may be found along a fifty mile (80 km) stretch of the coast. Beginning from the east, these beaches include: Sazköy, Filyos, Türkali, Göbü, Hisararkası, Uzunkum, Tersane, Kapuz, Karakum, Değirmenağzı, Ilıksu, Kireçlik, Armutçuk, Black Sea Ereğli, Mevreke, Alaplı and Kocaman.


The boroughs of the city are used as daily recreation areas for leisurely hikes by regional residents. Boroughs are artificial lakes intended to provide drinking water or serve other industrial purposes. These boroughs are: Ulutan Dam Lake at the center, Kızılcapınar Dam Lake, and Gülüç Dam Lake in Ereğli, Dereköy Pond at Çatalağzı borough and Çobanoğlu Pond (18 ha.) at Karapınar borough.

The most important waterfalls of the city are: Harmankaya at Center Kokaksu site, Değirmenağzı at Kozlu borough and Güneşli waterfalls at Ereğli, and their environs are also used for trekking.


Cehennemağzı, Gökgöl, Kızılelma, İnağzı and Cumayanı are the notable caverns.

National & Natural Parks

*Zonguldak Nature Protection Area

Local Days of Celebration

*April 3 - Anniversary of Ground Breaking for Iron and Steel Works Karabük
*June 4-11 - International Black Sea Ereğli Ottoman Strawberry Culture Festival
*June 11-13 - Festivals: Black Sea Ereğli Culture and Strawberry Festival
*June 21 - Commemoration day for Uzun Mehmet Zonguldak
*June 21-26 - Zonguldak Black Diamond Black Sea International
*July 1 - Maritime Day Ereğli
*July 1 - Cabotage Celebrations
*July 1-31 - International Youths Interchange Program
*July 8-9 - Walking Stick Festival Devrek
*August 26 - Visiting of Atatürk - Commemoration Day
*September 3-9 - 16th Traditional Wrestling
*September 3-9 - Alaplı Hazelnut, Culture, Art and Sports Festival
*November 8 - Commemoration for Uzun Mehmet and Coal Celebrations Ereğli
*December 4-9 - World Miners' Day
*Çaycuma Yogurt Culture & Art Festival Çaycuma


*June 18 - Freedom from Occupation Days: Freedom Day - Ereğli
*June 18-24 - Music Feast
*June 21 - Freedom Day
*July 5-7 - Traditional Yenice Wrestling Competitions (Yağlı and Karakucak) Yenice
*July 16-22 - Devrek Walking Stick and Culture Festival
*July 23-29 - Circumcision Feast
*August 26 - Arrival of Atatürk at Zonguldak
*August 31 - September 1 - Traditional Wrestling Festivities Alaplı
*September 3-9 - Circumcision Feast

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