name = "Phacelia"

image_width = 240px
image_caption = "Phacelia tanacetifolia"
regnum = Plantae
divisio = Magnoliophyta
classis = Magnoliopsida
subclassis = Asteridae
unranked_ordo = Euasterids I
ordo = see text
familia = Boraginaceae (but see text)
genus = "Phacelia" Juss.
diversity_link = List of Phacelia species
diversity = About 200 species
synonyms ="Eutoca" R.Br.

"Phacelia", the phacelias or scorpionweeds, is a large plant genus. It contains about 200 species of herbs, native of Western North America (the most), Eastern USA and South America. [Gilbert "et al." (2005)]

The genus is traditionally placed at family rank with the waterleaves (Hydrophyllaceae) in the order Boraginales. The Angiosperm Phylogeny Group, recognizing that the traditional Boraginaceae and Hydrophyllaceae are paraphyletic with respect to each other merges the latter into the former and considers the family basal in the Euasterids I clade. Other botanists [E.g. Gottschling "et al." (2001)] continue to recognize the Hydrophyllaceae and Boraginales, but to make them monophyletic the present genus be moved to the Boraginaceae.Verify source|date=October 2007

Many species are cultivated as garden plants and for honey plant.

Contact with some species of "Phacelia" can cause a very unpleasant rash similar to that from poison oak and poison ivy in sensitive individuals. The major contact allergen of "Phacelia crenulata" has been identified as geranylhydroquinone.

elected species

* "Phacelia bolanderi" – Bolander's Phacelia
* "Phacelia calthifolia" – Caltha-leaved Phacelia
* "Phacelia campanularia" – California Bluebell
* "Phacelia cicutaria" – Caterpillar Phacelia
* "Phacelia crenulata" – Notch-leaved Phacelia
* "Phacelia fimbriata" – Fringed Phacelia
* "Phacelia fremontii" – Fremont Phacelia
* "Phacelia hastata"– Silverleaf Phacelia
* "Phacelia minor" – Whitlavia
* "Phacelia purshii" – Miami Mist
* "Phacelia sericea" – Silky Phacelia

ee also

*List of Phacelia species
*Wildflowers of the Great Smoky Mountains


* (2005): Phylogenetic Relationships within "Phacelia" subgenus "Phacelia" (Hydrophyllaceae) Inferred From Nuclear rDNA ITS Sequence Data. "Systematic Botany" 30(3): 627-634.
* (2001): Secondary structure of the ITS1 transcript and its application in a reconstruction of the phylogeny of Boraginales. "Plant Biology" 3: 629–636.
* (2000): The phylogeny of the Asteridae sensu lato based on chloroplast ndhF gene sequences. "Mol. Phylogenet. Evol." 16: 96–112.

External links

* [ Panorama of a Phacelia Field] (QuickTime required)

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