Sequentia (music group)

Sequentia (music group)

Sequentia is an early music ensemble, founded in 1977 by Benjamin Bagby and the late Barbara Thornton (d. 1998). The group specializes mainly in Medieval music. Sequentia focuses particularly on music with texts, specifically chants and other stories with music, such as the Icelandic Edda. They are interested in the interplay between drama and music, and sometimes do partially performances, such as that of Hildegard of Bingen's "Ordo Virtutum". Bagby and Thornton have both been active in original research on the projects they perform.

Originally based in Cologne, Germany, the group has recently moved to Paris.

The only long-term members of Sequentia have been Benjamin Bagby, Barbara Thornton, and Katarina Livljanic after Thornton's death. The rest of the members are hired according to the needs of the particular project.

They mainly record on the Deutsche Harmonia Mundi Label.


* "Minstrels and Clerics"
* "Trouvères. Courtly love songs from Northern France" (1982)
* "Wandering Satirists of Medieval Germany" (1982)
* "Philippe le Chancelier: School of Notre Dame" (1986)
* "English Songs of the Middle Ages" (1987)
* "Philippe de Vitry: Motets and Chansons" (1988)
* "Vox Iberica":
** I: "Sons of Thunder. Music for St. James the apostle. Codex Calixtinus, 12th century" (1989)
** II: "Codex Las Huelgas" (1989)
** III: "El Sabio. Songs for King Alfonso X of Castile and Léon" (1991)
* "Frauenlob. Heinrich von Meissen" (1990)
* "The Bordesholm Lament of the Virgin Mary" (1992)
* "Oswald von Wolkenstein: Songs" (1993)
* "Dante and the Troubadours" (1993)
* "Visions from the Book" (1994)
* "Shining Light. Christmas Music from Aquitanien Monasteries" (1996)
* "Aquitania. Christmas Musik from Aquitanien Monasteries" (1994/96)
* "Hildegard von Bingen: Complete Edition"
** "Symphoniae. Spiritual Songs" (1982/83, re-recorded 1997)
** "Canticles of Ecstasy" (1993)
** "Voice of the Blood" (1994)
** "O Jerusalem" (1995)
** "Ordo Virtutum" (1982, re-recorded 1998)
** "Saints" (1996)
* "Edda. Myths from Medieval Iceland" (1996)
* "The Rheingold Curse" (2001)
* "Lost Songs of a Rhineland Harper" (2004)
* "Chant Wars" (2004)

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