JRU Heavy Bombers

JRU Heavy Bombers

Philippine collegiate team
name=JRU Heavy Bombers

schoolname=José Rizal University
location=Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City
colors=Blue and gold
junior=Light Bombers
cheer=Mabuhay Rizal!|

The JRU Heavy Bombers (also as José Rizal Heavy Bombers) are the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Philippines) basketball team of the Jose Rizal University.

They currently have the longest championship drought in the NCAA with 36 title-less seasons.

The other seniors varsity teams may also be referred to as the Heavy Bombers. The juniors team are the JRU Light Bombers.


The Jose Rizal University got its monicker from the abundance of World War II vintage bombs in their campus. The JRU campus, like many others, was turned into a garrison by the Japanese army. This led to many vintage bombs mined beneath the campus, which led to the "heavy bombers" monicker. The Seniors (collegiate) team adopted the "Heavy Bomber", while the Juniors (high school) team adopted the "Amazing Light Bombers".

coring record

On September 5, 2008, high school basketball player Keith Agovida scored 82 points to break the scoring record held by Marlon Bola Bola by the Letran Squires in a 127-49 trashing of Malayan Science. [ [http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/storypage.aspx?StoryId=130323 abs-cbnnews.com, NCAA player scores 82, sets RP basketball scoring record] ] [ [http://sports.inquirer.net/breakingnews/breakingnews/view/20080905-158889/JRU-cager-Agovida-scores-NCAA-record-of-82-points sports.inquirer.net, JRU cager Agovida scores NCAA record of 82 points] ]



The last JRU won a championship is way back 1972 lead by Phillip Cezar, Jimmy Santos, and the Calilan brothers.

Players of note

* Keith Agovida (82 points, historic record score)
* Eduardo Fulgencio (1948 Olympian)
* Florentino Baustista (1952 Olympian)
* Mariano Tolentino (1956 Olympian)
* Edgardo Roque (1960, 1964 Olympian)
* Elias Tolentino (1964, 1968 Olympian)
* Edgargo Gomez
* Rene Canent
* Rhoel Deles
* Oscar Tuazon
* Sixto Agbay
* Reynaldo De Vera
* Ruben Pablo
* Ulyses Rodriguez
* Olimpio B. Santos, Jr. (Member 1970 RP-Youth ABC Team Champion - Seoul, South Korea)
* Philip Cezar (Philippine Basketball Association MVP)
* Jesus Sta. Maria
* Edgardo E. Carvajal
* Vergel Meneses (former Philippine Basketball Association MVP)
* Dionisio Elvina
* Jimmy Santos
* Noel Santos (Now works in PLDT)
* Kiko Calilan (former olympian)
* Chris Calilan
* Marco Fajardo
* Floyd Dedicatoria
* John Dale Valena
* Joel Finuliar
* Wynsjohn Te
* Odielon Lopez
* Noel Javier
* McDonald Santos
* Ernani Epondulan
* Ariel Capus
* Rendel Dela Rea
* Roberto Reyes
* Kenneth Co Yu kang
* Mark Borboran, transferred to the UE Warriors
* VJ Serios, transferred to the UP Fighting Maroons
* Quilang Jason A.
* Marvin Hayes
* Mark Cagoco
* Eufronio Cruz Jr.
* Harvey Abel Enchane
* Elmer Espiritu, transferred to the UE Warriors
* Danilo Diola
* Ernesto Juta
* Francis Sumulong failed to play Srs. due to acl
* Cris Angelo Espinosa
* Jovel Velasquez
* Carlos Fenequito, transferred to the UST Growling Tigers
* Mark Acosta, transferred to MAPUA Cardinals
* Justin Dada
* Hernan Leotangco
*Hapac Czar Rigor


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