Republic of Kosova

Republic of Kosova

Infobox Former Country
native_name = Republika e Kosovës
conventional_long_name = Republic of Kosova
common_name = Kosova/Kosovo
continent = Europe
region = Balkans
religion = Islam
un member = No
main ally = Albania & US
real independence = February 17 2008 from Serbia
Recognized = 50 UN States to date
country = Kosovo
status = Independent State
era = Yugoslav wars
year_start = 1990
date_start =
year_end = 2008
date_end = February 14, 2008
p1 = Kosovar State
flag_p1 = Flag of Albania.
s1 = Kosovo
flag_s1 = Albaia

national_anthem = "Rreth flamurit të përbashkuar" ("United around the Flag")

image_map_caption =
common_languages = Albanian English
capital = Prishtina
title_leader = President
leader1 = Ibrahim Rugova
title_deputy = Prime Minister
deputy1 = Jusuf Zejnullahu
year_deputy1 = 1990–1991
deputy2 = Bujar Bukoshi
year_deputy2 = 1991–2000
deputy3 = Hashim Thaçi
year_deputy3 = 1999–2000
government_type = Republic
stat_pop1 = 2.3 million
stat_year1 =

The Republic of Kosova (Albanian: "Republika e Kosovës") was a state proclaimed in 1991 by a parallel parliament representing the Albanian population of Kosovo. During its peak it tried to established its own parallel political institutions in opposition to the Serb-dominated institutions of the Province of Kosovo .

The Republic of Kosova was formally disbanded in 2007 when its institutions were replaced since talks for proper Independence came about. During its lifetime, the Republic of Kosova was only recognized by Albania, Ireland ,Malaysia,United States.


Independence of the Republic of Kosova

The Province of Kosova was established in 1974 with a high degree of autonomy within the Socialist Republic of Serbia. This autonomy was curtailed by constitutional amendments in 1989, resulting in mass protests by Kosovar Albanians, many of whom were arrested by the then-Yugoslav authorities. This resulted in a declaration of a state of emergency in February 1990 and the resignation of the Provincial Council of Ministers in May.

In response to this political crisis, the ethnic Albanian dominated Provincial Assembly proposed that Kosova be elevated to a Republic within the Yugoslav Federation. This prompted the dissolution of the Assembly by the Serbian Government and assertion of direct control over Kosova's institutions.

Albanian members of the now officially dissolved Kosova Assembly met in secret in Kacanik and declared a constituent "Republic of Kosova" within Serbia. The assembly went on to declare the "Republic of Kosova" a sovereign and independent state on 22 September 1991. This declaration was endorsed by an official referendum held a few days later.]

Parallel structures

Kosovo Albanians organized a non-violent separatist movement, employing widespread civil disobedience and creation of parallel structures in education, medical care, and taxation. [Clark, Howard. "Civil Resistance in Kosovo". London: Pluto Press, 2000. ISBN 0745315690] The Kosova Liberation Army was founded during this period and would begin a guerrilla campaign against the Serbian authorities in Kosova.whenFact|date=June 2008

NATO intervention and disestablishment

The KLA led guerrilla campaign continued into January 1999 and was brought to the attention of the world media by heavy casualties in the village of Racak (Racak incident). An international conference was held in Rambouillet, France later that spring and resulted in a proposed peace agreement (the Rambouillet Agreement) which was accepted by the ethnic Albanian side but rejected by the Yugoslav Government.

The failure of the talks at Rambouillet resulted in a NATO air campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia lasting from 24 March to 11 June when the Albanian authorities signed a military technical agreement allowing NATO peacekeepers to enter Kosova.

Now the Republic of Kosova is 100% independent the name is now Republic of Kosovo and is recgnized by 50 States to date more states soon.

Political leaders [ [ Serbia] ]


*Ibrahim Rugova 1992-2000

Prime Ministers

* Jusuf Zejnullahu 1990-1991
* Bujar Bukoshi 1991-2000

* Hashim Thaçi 1999-2000 (in opposition)

ee also

*Armed Forces of the Republic of Kosova
*Kosovo Liberation Army


External links

* [ës First Constitution of the Republic of Kosova]

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