Stuart 'Pinkie' Bates

Stuart 'Pinkie' Bates

Stuart 'Pinkie' Bates is a musician notable for playing the Hammond organ with Neil Hannon's band, The Divine Comedy. Bates was the band's organ player on all of The Divine Comedy's records from "Casanova" to "Regeneration". Hannon is an aficionado of the Hammond and was eager to employ a Hammond player with the band.

Hannon and Bates were both disappointed by the amount of Hammond on the final cut of the album due to the advice of professional producer, Nigel Godrich. Godrich was hired to make The Divine Comedy more of a Britrock band after Neil decided on that image. Bates played the organ, synth, and trombone on the album as well as touring with the band during the "Regeneration" tour.

Stuart "Pinkie" Bates is said to have gained the nickname "Pinkie" during one of the band's shows. He wore a red shirt while all the other bands wore dark shirts. The lighting made the red appear pink on-stage, and he has been known as "Pinkie" ever since.

Bates is now teaching music for his vocation at Parmiter's School.

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