Paris Métro Line 10

Paris Métro Line 10

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Paris Métro Line 10 is one of 16 metro lines in Paris, France. The line links the Pont de Saint Cloud in Boulogne in the west with the Gare d'Austerlitz. It has the least traffic of any of the 14 main metro lines (excluding lines 3bis and 7bis).

There is a ghost station named Croix Rouge between Sèvres Babylone and Mabillon. It was closed in 1939.

plit section of Line 10

Line 10 has separate eastbound and westbound sections between the stations of
Boulogne - Jean Jaurès (west) and
Javel - André Citroën. Both sections run side-by-side between
Javel - André Citroën and
Mirabeau, but the Mirabeau station is only served by eastbound trains. Westbound trains pass through Mirabeau on an inclined trackway behind the eastbound tracks.

Westbound section:

(Javel - André Citroën)
*Église d'Auteuil
* Michel-Ange — Auteuil
*Porte d'Auteuil

(Boulogne - Jean Jaurès)

Eastbound section:

(Javel - André Citroën)
* Mirabeau
* Chardon Lagache
*Michel-Ange — Molitor

(Boulogne - Jean Jaurès)

The separated sections were once part of a loop that returned westgoing trains to
Javel - André Citroën. After Porte d'Auteuil (last station on the westbound section) the trains turned round to Michel-Ange — Molitor (first station on the eastbound section). When the line was extended with
Jean Jaurès and
Boulogne the section was no longer operated as a loop.

Porte d'Auteuil is also connected with Porte de Saint-Cloud of line 9. This connection is called "voie Murat" and it passes the ghost station Porte Molitor. The station was meant for spectators leaving the Parc des Princes football stadium, but plans were changed and access to the station from the streets was never constructed. Westbound trains on line 10 (terminating at Porte d'Auteuil) can be re-routed to line 9, starting eastbound at Porte de Saint-Cloud via the "voie Murat" connection. This option is used after events at Parc des Princes when Line 9 is used by unusually many people.


*December 30, 1923: The first section of Line 10 was opened between Invalides and Croix Rouge (today, most of this section is served by line 13 ).
*March 10, 1925: The line was extended eastbound from Croix Rouge to Mabillon.
*February 14, 1926: The line was extended from Mabillon to Odéon.
*February 15, 1930: The line was temporarily extended from Odéon to Place d'Italie.
*March 7, 1930: The line was extended from Place d'Italie to Porte de Choisy.
*April 26, 1931: The section from Place Monge to Porte de Choisy was transferred to line 7 (as a result of the opening of Line 7's tunnel under the Seine). line 10 was also extended from Maubert-Mutualité to Jussieu.
*July 27, 1937: The section from Duroc to Invalides was transferred to the former line 14 (now part of line 13, not today's line 14).
*July 29, 1937: Line 10 was extended westbound from Duroc to La Motte-Picquet. The section between La Motte-Picquet and Porte d'Auteuil was transferred from line 8 to line 10.
*July 12, 1939: The line was extended eastbound from Jussieu to Gare d'Orléans-Austerlitz.
*September 2, 1939: As with many other stations, service to Croix-Rouge and Cluny-la Sorbonne stations ceased at the start of World War II. Both stations are eventually closed permanently.
*October 3, 1980: Line 10 was extended westbound from Porte d'Auteuil to Boulogne-Jean Jaurès.
*October 2, 1981: The line was extended from Boulogne-Jean Jaurès to Pont de Saint-Cloud.
*February 17, 1988: With to the opening of St-Michel station on the line B of the RER, Cluny-la Sorbonne Station was re-opened to allow a connection between the lines.

tations renamed

*May 15, 1921: Wilhem station (then on line 8) renamed Église d'Auteuil.
*1923: Sèvres - Croix Rouge renamed Sèvres - Babylone.
*July 14, 1945: Beaugrenelle renamed Charles Michels.
*1979: Gare d'Orléans-Austerlitz renamed Gare d'Austerlitz.



Metro line 10 passes near several places of interest :
*Parc des Princes football stadium (home of Paris Saint-Germain football club).
*Invalides hosting the tomb of Napoléon Bonaparte.
*Saint-Germain-des-Prés - famous for its history linked to the birth of existentialism, its love for jazz in old caves, its old churches and monasteries and some globally famous cafés.
*Saint-Michel and the Latin Quarter.
*The Institut du monde Arabe (the Arab World Institute).
*Gare d'Austerlitz.

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