Ard, ARD, Ards or ARDS may refer to:

*Ard (plough) or scratch-plough, a type of plough consisting of a simple spike dragged through the soil
*Ard, a son of Benjamin in the Bible: see

*ARD (broadcaster), the German association of public broadcasters: the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland",
*Acid rock drainage, the outflow of acidic water from mines
*ARD (or AD), the Democratic Republican Alliance, a French conservative party of the Third Republic: the "Alliance Républicaine Démocratique"
*Alliance for Restoration of Democracy, a Pakistani political movement that opposes President Pervez Musharraf
*Apple Remote Desktop, a remote administration application for Apple Macintosh computers
*Atmospheric Reentry Demonstrator, a demonstration program of an Apollo spacecraft-shaped capsule by the European Space Agency
*ARD, the US Navy hull classification symbol for an Auxiliary repair dry dock
*Affective Religious Disorder, an obsession and hatred of other religions and their practitioners
*Army Reconnaissance Detachment, a special forces unit of the Swiss Army.
*ARD, the Amtrak 3-letter code for Ardmore (SEPTA station), a railroad station in the suburbs of Philadelphia
*ARD, the National Rail code for Ardgay railway station, a railway station in the Highlands of Scotland
*ARD, a code frequently used for the Armenian dram, the currency of Armenia (instead of the correct ISO 4217 code "AMD")

* Ards Peninsula, a peninsula in Northern Ireland, between Strangford Lough and the North Channel
* Ards F.C., a Northern Irish football club from Newtownards
* Ards Borough Council, an administrative district of Northern Ireland
* Ards (Northern Ireland Parliament constituency), a parliamentary constituency of Northern Ireland
* Ards Forest Park, a nature reserve in County Donegal, Republic of Ireland

* Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (or Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome), a serious reaction to various forms of injuries to the lung
* Aboriginal Resource and Development Services, an organisation carrying out Australian Aboriginal community development work, mainly in the Arnhem Land region of north-east Australia ( [ website] )
* Action Replay DS, a game hacking device for Nintendo DS

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