Animus (Encantadia)

Animus (Encantadia)

Animus is a fictional character from the Philippine telefantasya "Etheria", which is a prequel/sequel to the highly rated "Encantadia". Animus is played by Filipino actor Paolo Paraiso.

Character background

The Etherian Animus is the son of Barkus, the leader of Hera Sensa, and is the slightly older twin brother of Andora. Animus sought to find the mystical golden flower Olontre with his sister's help. He intended to use the strength granted by the flower to subdue the warrior Juvila whom he had long loved from afar, and thus claim her for his wife.

In his search for the Olontre, Animus had to seek the aid of the Etherian queen Avria to heal the flower's guardian Odessa. But in exchange for this favor, Avria tasked Animus to kill her wayward husband Memen and his lover Ornia, which Animus carried out using the magical sword Kabilan. This event triggered the alliance of the four other Encantadia kingdoms against Etheria.

Having obtained the power of the Olontre, Animus succeeded in besting Juvila. This led to the couple's marriage and happiness in each other's arms. Unfortunately this happiness was short-lived; he lost his life to Asval, Raquim and Hagorn on his wedding night. The three were sent by the council to avenge the death of Memen and Ornia.

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