Scimitar syndrome

Scimitar syndrome


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Scimitar syndrome, or pulmanory venolobar syndrome, is a rare congenital heart defect characterized by anomalous venous return from the right lung. [Citation
title=Clinical Brief: Scimitar Syndrome
publisher=medIND — Biomedical journals from India
accessdate=2008-02-28 |format=PDF
] This anomalous pulmonary venous return can be either partial (PAPVR) or total (TAPVR). The syndrome associated with PAPVR is more commonly known as The term "Scimitar syndrome" arises from the curvilinear pattern created on a chest radiograph by the pulmonary veins that drain to the inferior vena cava.Citation
title=Scimitar Syndrome
publisher=Children's Hospital Boston
] This radiographic density often has the shape of a scimitar, a type of curved sword.


The anomalous venous return forms a curved shadow on chest x-ray such that it resembles a scimitar. This is called the Scimitar Sign. Associated abnormalities include right lung hypoplasia with associated dextroposition of the heart, pulmonary artery hypoplasia and pulmonary sequestration.


The diagnosis is made by transthoracic or transesophageal echocardiography, angiography, and more recently by CT angiography or MR Angiography.


Surgical correction should be considered in the presence of significant left to right shunting (Qp:Qs ≥ 2:1) and pulmonary hypertension. This involves creation of an inter-atrial baffle to redirect the pulmonary venous return into the left atrium. Alternatively, the anomalous vein can be re-implanted directly into the left atrium.


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title=Scimitar vein draining to the left atrium and a historical review of the scimitar syndrome
journal=Pediatric radiology
id= ISSN 0301-0449
date=February 11, 2004

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