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network_name = Omroepvereniging VPRO
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past_names = Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep
founded = 1926
website = [http://www.vpro.nl/ www.vpro.nl]
The VPRO (originally an acronym for "Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep", or "Liberal Protestant Radio Broadcasting Company") was established in the Netherlands in 1926 as a religious broadcasting organization. Falling under the Protestant "pillar", it represented the Liberal Protestant current. However, in the 1950s and 1960s it became more "liberal" than protestant, and while the acronym VPRO was kept, its meaning was dropped. It was the first to show a nude woman on Dutch television, Phil Bloom in 1967 [ [http://www.rug.nl/rc/organisatie/pictogram/archief/2001-03/audiovisueel%20archief%20online.htm RC-document ] ] . It is still considered the most "culturally radical" group on Dutch television.

VPRO often collaborates with other broadcasting organisations such as the WDR, the BBC, and Arte.

Like all Dutch public broadcasters the VPRO does not have its own channel.

It appears to be the first Dutch broadcaster to have an official presence on YouTube. [http://www.youtube.com/vpro]

ome shows on VPRO

* Jiskefet
* Loladamusica
* Noorderlicht
* Tegenlicht
* Van Kooten en de Bie
* Theo en Thea
* Zomergasten
* VPRO's Spek & Bonen Show
* Absolutely Fabulous
* Draadstaal

Radio Sessions

* Alternative rock band Nirvana played a famous VPRO session in 1991 that was released on various bootlegs

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External links

* [http://www.vpro.nl VPRO home page]
* [http://nl.youtube.com/user/VPROinternational VPRO on YouTube]
* [http://www.3voor12.nl 3voor12]

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