Border guard

Border guard

Border Guard, Border Patrol, Border police, or Frontier police is a national security agency that performs border control, i.e., enforces the security of national borders. In various states these forces have different official names, subordination and jurisdiction.


Typical tasks of a Border Guard are:
* The control and guarding of a nation's border;
* Control of border crossing persons, vehicles, and travel documents;
* Preventing illegal border crossing of persons, vehicles, cargoes and other goods;
* Control of transportation of prohibited and limited items (e.g. weapons, ammunition, toxic substances) over the national border;
* Supervision and control of the observation of foreigner residence regulations, visa regime;
* Preventing the movement of goods and other articles over national borders, bypassing the customs control;
* Investigation of cases related to offences against the national border.

The Border Guard may also perform delegated customs and immigration control duties.

Borders guards by country


The Israeli border guard service is known as the Israel Border Police. it is a part of the Israel Police and it was founded as being part of the frontier corps before it became the Border Police. While its main duty was protecting the borders of Israel, it has also been used to deployed to be used in helping the Israeli military (IDF) in some conflicts such as the Six Day War. [] [] A recent scandal that roubled the Israeli Border Police was the Kafr Qasim massacre, where several Palestinian arabs were killed by Israel Border Police. []


The Russian border police is 90 years. [] . They celerbate Border Guards Day every year in Moscow, the capital of the Rsusian Federation. [] . The main duties of the Russian Border Service, which is part of the Russian Interior Ministry MVD is to protect Russia from incursions. One of their most recent tasks was containing the Chechnyan incursiorrectionary. []

United States

In the United States, the primary border police agency is the United States Border Patrol. It has a force of 16,000 men and is an agency of the Department of Homeland Security. Their main duty is to enforce the Immigration and Nationality Act.

United Kingdom

Border guard services are provided by the UK Border Agency. The UKBA is responsible for passport checks and customs enforcement at ports of entry into the UK.


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