Pronunciation Dem-MEE-TREE
Gender Male
Word/Name Greek
Meaning devoted to, dedicated to, or follower of Demeter
Other names
Related names Demetrius, Demetria, Demetrios, Demeter, Demetra, Demi

Dmitri, Dmitry or Dmitriy, sometimes also Dmitrij (Russian: Дми́трий, IPA: [ˈdmʲitrʲɪj]); Church Slavic form: Dimitry or Dimitri (Дими́трий); ancient Russian forms: D'mitr(iy) or Dmitr (Дьмитр(ии) or Дъмитръ) is a male given name, the version of Greek Demetrius. The meaning of the name is a "devoted to," "dedicated to, or "follower of Demeter" [Dêmêtêr - Δημητηρ or Demetra], "mother-earth", the Greek goddess of agriculture).

Short forms of the name from the 13th-14th centuries are: Mitya, Mityay, Mit'ka or Miten'ka (Ми́тя, Митя́й, Ми́тька, or Ми́тенька); from the 20th century (originated from the Church Slavic form) are: Dima, Dimka, Dimochka, Dimulya etc. (Ди́ма, Ди́мка, Ди́мочка, Диму́ля, etc.)

Dmitry is one of the most popular names in Russia. The statistics shows that for five months in the period from March 16 to August 16 in 2005 in Moscow: 1390 boys were named Alexander, 1087 Maksim, 1085 Nikita, 1070 Ivan, and 867 Dmitry.[citation needed]

St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki


St. Dimitri's Day

The feast of the Saint Dimitri Solunski, martyr is celebrated on Saturday before November 8 [Old Style October 26].

The name day (именины): October 26 (November 8 on the Gregorian Calendar) See also: Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar.

The Saturday before October 26/November 8 is called Demetrius Saturday and commemorates those Orthodox soldiers who fell in the Battle of Kulikovo.

Notable people named Dmitry


  • Dmitry Donskoi (1350–1389), Grand Duke of Muscovy
  • Dmitry of Pereslavl (1250-1294), Grand Duke of Vladimir-Suzdal
  • Dmitry of Suzdal (1324–1383), Prince of Suzdal and Nizhny Novgorod
  • Tsarevich Demetrius (1582-1591), the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible
    Later impostors claimed to be this son:
  • Dmitri Pavlovich of Russia (1891-1941), cousin of Tsar Nicholas II, took part in the assassination of Rasputin
  • Dmitry Mendeleev, Russian chemist and the creator of the first periodic table of Chemical elements
  • Dmitry Pozharsky, liberator of Moscow during the Time of Troubles
  • Dmitry Furmanov, Soviet Author and political officer.
  • Dmitry Shostakovich, Soviet composer

Modern day

  • Dmitry Chaplin, professional dancer
  • Dmitry Kholodov, journalist of the Russian newspaper Moskovskii Komsomolets, killed as he was investigating alleged corruption among high ranks of the Russian military
  • Dmitry Lepikov (Дмитрий Лепиков), Russian freestyle swimmer
  • Demetri Martin, American comedian
  • Dmitry Medvedev, third and current President of the Russian Federation
  • Dmitry Salita ("Star of David"; born 1982), American, North American Boxing Association light welterweight boxing champion
  • Dmitry Vybornov, Russian light-heavyweight boxer

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