Sumbat I Mampali

Sumbat I Mampali

Sumbat I Mampali (c.870-889), Georgian ruler, member of the Iberian Bagratid family. Sumbat was the youngest son of Adarnase of Tao-Klarjeti and he reigned as a "mampali" ("ruler") and "antipatrikios" (ανθύπατος πατρίκιος). He had his residence in Artanuji which towards the end of the 9th century began to develop into a thriving trading centre. Apart from Klarjeti, Sumbat must also have possessed Ajara and Nigali, since the latter two were inherited by his son David in 889.


The sources on Sumbat I Mampali are: Sumbat (Kartlis Tskhovreba) and Constantine Porphyrogenitus (D.A.I.).

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