List of mayors of Ann Arbor, Michigan

List of mayors of Ann Arbor, Michigan

This is a list of mayors of Ann Arbor, Michigan, beginning with Ann Arbor's incorporation as a city on April 4, 1851.

Mayors of Ann Arbor
Mayor Years Political party
George Sedgwick 1851-1855 Whig
James Kingsley 1855-1856 Democrat
William S. Maynard 1856-1858
Philip Bach 1858-1859 Republican
Robert J. Barry 1859-1861 Republican
John F. Miller 1861-1862 Democrat
Charles Spoor 1862-1863
Ebenezer Wells 1863-1865 Democrat
William S. Maynard 1865-1866
Oliver M. Martin 1866-1868 Republican
Christian Eberbach 1868-1869 Republican
Alfred H. Partridge 1869-1870
William D. Harriman 1870-1871 Democrat
Silas H. Douglass 1871-1873
Hiram J. Beakes 1873-1875 Democrat
Edward D. Kinne 1875-1877 Republican
Densmore Cramer 1877-1878 Democrat
Willard B. Smith 1878-1880 Republican
John Kapp 1880-1883 Democrat
William D. Harriman 1883-1885 Democrat
John Kapp 1885-1886 Democrat
John J. Robison 1886-1887 Democrat
Willard B. Smith 1887-1888 Republican
Samuel W. Beakes 1888-1890 Democrat
Charles H. Manly 1890-1891 Democrat
William G. Doty 1891-1893
Bradley M. Thompson 1893-1894 Democrat
Cyrenus G. Darling 1894-1895 Republican
Warren E. Walker 1895-1897 Republican
Charles E. Hiscock 1897-1899
Gottlob Luick 1899-1901 Democrat
Royal S. Copeland 1901-1903 Republican
Arthur Brown 1903-1905 Democrat
Francis M. Hamilton 1905-1907
James C. Henderson 1907-1909
William L. Walz 1909-1913 Democrat
Robert G. MacKenzie 1913-1915 Republican
Charles A. Sauer (died in office) 1915
Ernst M. Wurster (acting mayor) 1915-1917 Democrat
Ernst M. Wurster 1917-1921 Democrat
George E. Lewis 1921-1925 Republican
Robert A. Campbell 1925-1927 Republican
Edward W. Staebler 1927-1931 Democrat
H. Wirt Newkirk 1931-1933 Republican
Robert A. Campbell 1933-1937 Republican
Walter C. Sadler 1937-1941 Republican
Leigh J. Young 1941-1945 Republican
William E. Brown Jr. 1945-1957 Republican
Samuel J. Eldersveld 1957-1959 Democrat
Cecil O. Creal 1959-1965 Republican
Wendell E. Hulcher 1965-1969 Republican
Robert J. Harris 1969-1973 Democrat
James E. Stephenson 1973-1975 Republican
Albert H. Wheeler 1975-1978 Democrat
Louis D. Belcher 1978-1985 Republican
Edward C. Pierce 1985-1987 Democrat
Gerald D. Jernigan 1987-1991 Republican
Elizabeth S. Brater 1991-1993 Democrat
Ingrid B. Sheldon 1993-2000 Republican
John Hieftje 2000-present Democrat


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