Egyptian Arab Socialist Party

Egyptian Arab Socialist Party

The Egyptian Arab Socialist Party ( _ar. Hizb Misr al-arabi al-ishtaraki) is an Egyptian Arab-Nationalist party with some 750 members.

The party generally presses for preserving gains of the 1952 Revolution.

The party nominated its head, Mr. Wahid Al-Uksory, to run for Egypt's first multi-candidate presidential elections.


The party platform calls for:
* Adopting the Islamic Sharia as a main source of legislation.
* Freedom of religious affiliation.
* Freedom of expression.
* Preserving Egypt's Islamic identity.
* Enhancing democracy based on party pluralism.
* Protecting the national industries.
* Equal distribution of investments among the Egyptian governorates.
* Achieving unity between Egypt, Sudan and Libya.
* Liberating the occupied Palestinian lands.
* Promoting ties with the developing countries

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