List of Intermediate Units

List of Intermediate Units

"This is a complete list Pennsylvania's 29 of Intermediate Units by their assigned IU number:"

[ PA Intermediate Unit Web site]

*IU1 - Intermediate Unit 1 [ IU 1 Web site]
*IU2 - Pittsburg-Mt. Oliver Intermediate Unit (PPS)
*IU3 - Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) [ IU 3 Web site]
*IU4 - Midwestern Intermediate Unit (MIU) [ IU 4 Web site]
*IU5 - Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit [ IU 5 Web site]
*IU6 - Riverview Intermediate Unit [ IU 6 Web site]
*IU7 - Westmoreland Intermediate Unit [ IU 7 Web site]
*IU8 - Appalachia Intermediate Unit
*IU9 - Seneca Highlands Intermediate Unit [ IU 9 Web site]
*IU10 - Central Intermediate Unit (CIU) [ IU 10 Web site]
*IU11 - Tuscarora Intermediate Unit (TIU) [ IU 11 Web site]
*IU12 - Lincoln Intermediate Unit [ IU 12 Web site]
*IU13 - Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit [ IU 13 Web site]
*IU14 - Berks County Intermediate Unit [ IU 14 Web site]
*IU15 - Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU) [ IU 15 Web site]
*IU16 - Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit [ IU 16 Web site]
*IU17 - Bradford Lycoming Sullivan Tioga Intermediate Unit (BLaST) [ IU 17 Web site]
*IU18 - Luzerne Intermediate Unit [ IU 18 Web site]
*IU19 - Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit nbsp; [ IU 19 Web site]
*IU20 - Colonial Intermediate Unit [ IU 20 Web site]
*IU21 - Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit [ IU 21 Web site]
*IU22 - Bucks County Intermediate Unit [ IU 22 Web site]
*IU23 - Montgomery County Intermediate Unit &nbsp [ IU 23 Web site]
*IU24 - Chester County Intermediate Unit [ IU 24 Web site]
*IU25 - Delaware County Intermediate Unit [ IU 25 Web site]
*IU26 - Philadelphia Intermediate Unit
*IU27 - Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit [ IU 27 Web site]
*IU28 - Arin Intermediate Unit [ IU 28 Web site]
*IU29 - Schuylkill Intermediate Unit [ IU 29 Web site]

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