Howard P. House

Howard P. House

Howard Payne House, M.D. (1908 - August 1 2003) Born in Indianapolis, Indiana House founded the House Ear Institute in 1946 in Los Angeles, CA. He is often considered to be the father of modern otology. The House Ear Institute developed the cochlear implant and the auditory brain stem implant.

House perfected many critical otologic surgical procedures including the fenestration operation in the 1940s and the stapedectomy surgery in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. He performed more that 30,000 of these procedures restoring hearing to those affected by otosclerosis.

House treated Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, and many other notable figures.


House had three children with his wife, Helen: Kenneth House become a noted pychoanalyst. Caroline House became an Olympic swimmer. John House followed in his father's steps and became president of the House Ear Institute.


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