The Four Companions

The Four Companions

The Four Companions, also called the Four Pillars of the Sahaba is a Shi'a term that refers to the four Sahaba Shi'a believe stayed most loyal to Ali ibn Abi Talib after the death of Muhammad:
*Abu Dharr
*Salman the Persian
*Ammar ibn Yasir

Those among Muhammad's companions who were closest to Ali were called Shiat Ali during Muhammad's lifetime, and it was for these primarily that the following hadith was said:

"Glad tidings O Ali! Verily you and your Shia (followers) will be in Paradise."

These companions are later referred to as Real Shi'a. Also, Ibn Abbas, Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr and Malik ibn Ashter were among Ali's Shi'a. However, it is only "The Four Sahaba" that are believed to have attained the rank of Real Shi'a and remained so.

ee also

*Four Friends, the Sunni Urdu term, not to be confused with this term.
*Ghadir Khum
*Sulaym ibn Qays

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