Roman or Romans may refer to:

* A thing or person of or from the city of Rome.

; History
* Ancient Rome (9th century BC – 5th century AD)
** Roman Kingdom (753 BC to 509 AD)
** Roman Republic (509 BC to 44 AD)
** Roman Empire (27 BC to 476 AD)
** Roman citizen
** Byzantine Empire (330/476/629 to 1453), a Late Antiquity and medieval continuation of the Greek-speaking portion of the Roman Empire
** Romaioi (Ρωμαίοι) or Romioi (Ρωμιοί), a self-identification of the Greek-speaking Christian population of the Empire dating to Late Antiquity (the term translates literally to "Roman"), still somewhat in use by Greeks
* Holy Roman Empire (c. 900 to 1806), a medieval German-speaking state in Central Europe

; Geography
* Roman, Bulgaria, a municipality near Pravets
* Romans-sur-Isère, in the Drôme "département" of France
* Roman, Romania, a city in Neamţ county
* Saint Roman in Monaco
* Romans, Ain, a town in France
* Roman, Eure, France
* Romans, Deux-Sèvres, France
* Romans d'Isonzo, a town in Italy
* Roman roads

; Christianity
* Roman Catholic Church, a Christian church that professes the Catholic faith
* Roman Missal, a book containing prayers and readings for a Roman Catholic Mass
* Epistle to the Romans, a letter in the New Testament of the Christian Bible

; Typography
* Roman type, an upright typeface style, contrasted to italic
* Times New Roman, a font
* Roman (typeface), a raster font packaged with Windows XP

; Literature
* Romance (genre), a genre of Medieval French literature
* Nouveau roman

; Music
* ROMANS (jpop), Hello! Project J-pop music group
* Roman, an album by the Japanese musical group Sound Horizon
* Roman (musician), French musician

* Roman mythology

; People
* A male given name derived from Latin Romanus.
* Roman, emperor of Bulgaria 971-991
* Bernard Romans, Dutch-born navigator, surveyor, cartographer, naturalist, engineer, soldier, promoter and writer
* Valter Roman and Petre Roman, Romanian politicians
* Johan Helmich Roman, Swedish composer
* Roman Abramovich, Russian entrepreneur
* Roman Berezovsky, Armenian footballer
* Roman Eremenko, Finnish footballer
* Roman Pavlyuchenko, a Russian football player
* Roman Polanski, Polish-French director
* Juan Román Riquelme, Argentine footballer currently attached to Villarreal CF
* Roman U. Sexl, Austrian theoretical physicist
* Roman Shukhevych
* Roman Tam, Hong Kong singer
* Roman Volodkov, Ukrainian diver
* Roman Yakovlev, Russian volleyball player
* Roman Yegorov, Russian freestyle swimmer
* Roman Bellic, a character from the game "Grand Theft Auto IV"

; Other
* Roman (film)
* Roman alphabet (Latin alphabet), the standard script of the English language and most of the languages of western and central Europe, and of those areas settled by Europeans
* Roman architecture
* Roman army
* Roman calendar
* Romans (Heroscape), a race in the Heroscape Universe
* Roman law, the legal system of both the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire
* Roman numerals, numeral system where certain letters are given a numeral value
* Roman pot, a device used in accelerator physics
* Roman surface, self-intersecting immersion of the real projective plane into three-dimensional geometrical space
* "The Romans" ("Doctor Who"), An episode of the BBC production, Doctor Who
* Roman (vehicle manufacturer), a Romanian truck manufacturer
* Ar-Rum, the 30th book in the Qu'ran, is sometimes translated as "The Romans"

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