Redshift (disambiguation)

Redshift (disambiguation)

Redshift or red shift can refer to:


* Redshift, the increase of wavelength of detected electromagnetic radiation with respect to the original wavelength of the emission.
* Red shift, an informal term for a bathochromic shift
* "RedShift" (planetarium software), planetarium software created by Maris Multimedia


* Redshift (theory), techno-economic theory segmenting technology markets as either over or under-served by Moore's Law


* "Red Shift" (Vierk), a work by post-minimalist composer Lois V Vierk
* "Redshift" (music), an English electronic music group;
* A song by North Carolina hardcore band Hopesfall from the album "The Satellite Years"
* A song by Paradise Lost from the self-titled album "Paradise Lost"
* "Redshift", an EP by Splashdown released on Capitol Records
* "Red Shift", a song by Peter Hammill (featuring Randy California), from his third album The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage
* Red Shift, a song by Toronto-based industrial songstress Ayria


* "Red Shift" (novel), a novel by Alan Garner
* "Red Shift" (comics), a fictional supervillan in the Marvel Comics universe and one of the Heralds of Galactus
* A poem by Ted Berrigan
* Red Shift Ltd, the name of the main industrial concern in the book by Samuel R. Delany, Nova (novel)

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