List of cowboys and cowgirls

List of cowboys and cowgirls

The following list of cowboys and cowgirls from the frontier era of the American Old West (approximately 1830 to 1910) was compiled to show examples of the cowboy and cowgirl genre.

Cattlemen, ranchers, and cowboys

*Bill H. "Barbecue" Campbell
*Wilber Emery "W.E." Campbell (1847–1907)
*John Chisum (1824–1884)
*Charles Francis Colcord (1859–1934)
*Robert Driscoll (1871–1929)
*Jesse Lincoln "J.T." Driskill (1824–1890)
*Major Andrew Drumm (1828–1919)
*Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton (1860–1958)
*John King Fisher (1854–1884)
*Charles Goodnight (1836–1929)
*William Bradford Grimes (1866–)
*E.M. "Ed" Hewins (–1898)
*Montford T. Johnson (1843–1896)
*James "Nigger Jim" Kelly (1839–1912)
*Richard King (1824–1885)
*Peter "Pete" Kitchen (1822–1895)
*George Washington Littlefield (1842–1920)
*Nat Love (1854–1921)
*Oliver Loving (1812–1867)
*Willis McCutcheon (1836–1906)
*James Alfred "J.A." McFaddin (1840–1916)
*George W. "Nigger George" McJunkin (1851–1922)
*Robert Benjamin "Ben" Masterson (1853–1931)
*Colonel George Washington Miller (1841–1903)
*Zachary Taylor "Zack" Miller (1878–1952)
*Burt Mossman (1867–1956)
*Thomas O'Connor (1819–1887)
*Isom Prentice "Print" Olive (1840–1887)
*William "Bill" Pickett (1870–1932)
*Abel Head "Shanghai" Pierce (1834–1900)
*Laban Samuel Records (1856–1941)
*William Penn Adair "Will" Rogers (1879–1935)
*Theodore Roosevelt
*Charles Angelo "Charlie" Siringo (1855–1928)
*John Ware (~1845–1905)

Wild West Show and Rodeo performers

*Earl W. Bascom (1906–1995)
*Yakima Canutt (1896–1986)
*William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody (1846–1917)
*James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok (1837–1876)
*Texas Jack Omohundro (1846–1880)
*Jack Hoxie (1885–1965)
*Gordon William "Pawnee Bill" Lillie (1860–1942)
*May Lillie, née Manning (1869–1936)
*Thomas E. "Tom" Mix (1880–1940)
*Lucille Mulhall (1885–1940); The original cowgirl.
*Annie Oakley (1860–1926)
*Connie Douglas Reeves (1901–2003)
*Gabriel Dumont (1837–1906)

People sometimes mistaken for cowboys and cowgirls

*Black Bart
*Ned Buntline
*Nate Champion
*Mountain Charley aka Elsa Jane Forest Guerin
*Jose Chavez y Chavez
*George Armstrong Custer
*Mysterious Dave
*Deadwood Dick
*Morgan Earp
*Wyatt Earp
*Virgil Earp
*Pat Garrett
*John Wesley Hardin
*Doc Holliday
*Frank James
*Jesse James
*Calamity Jane
*Billy the Kid
*Butch Cassidy
*The Sundance Kid
*Bat Masterson
*Mollie Monroe
*Belle Starr
*Johnny Ringo
*George Scarborough


*Hopalong Cassidy
*Cisco Kid
*The Lone Ranger
*Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen.
*Lucky Luke
*Red Ryder
*Jack Twist
*Ennis Del Mar
*Marlboro Man
*Pecos Bill and Sweet Foot Sue
*Woody and Jessie, from the Disney/Pixar films Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

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*List of Western lawmen

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