Finno-Permic languages

Finno-Permic languages

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The Finno-Permic languages form one of the main branches of the Finno-Ugric languages that split from it around 2500 - 3000 BC. Finno-Permic languages branched into Permic languages and Finno-Volgaic languages around 2000 BC. [ [ The Finno-ugric republics and the Russian state By Rein Taagepera; ISBN 0415919770; p. 33] ]

The term "Finnic languages" have often been used to designate all the Finno-Permic languages, it has been based on an earlier belief that Permic languages are closer to Finnish than to Hungarian [ [ The Finno-ugric republics and the Russian state By Rein Taagepera; ISBN 0415919770; p. 32] ]

In the past, the Finno-Permic languages together with the Ugric languages were thought to constitute a closer Finno-Ugric group of languages, separating this entity more sharply from the Samoyedic languages. Today, however, the node between Finno-Permic and Ugric is increasingly seen to be a separation equally fundamental as is the separation between Samoyedic from Ugric or from Finno-Permic.

Interpretation of grouping the Finnic/Finno-Permic languages can vary among different scholars.The following proposals for classification are listed by Ruhlen (1987): [Merritt Ruhlen (1987) "A Guide to the World's Languages: Volume I, Classification", "Stanford University Press", ISBN 0-8047-1250-6, p. 69] and by Angela Marcantonio in 2002 [ [ The Uralic Language Family: Facts, Myths and Statistics; By Angela Marcantonio; p57;] ISBN 0631231706]



*Abondolo, Daniel (ed., 1998), "The Uralic Languages", London and New York, ISBN 0-415-08198-X.

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