1802 in music

1802 in music


* Johann Nikolaus Forkel publishes his biography, "Life of Johann Sebastian Bach".
*Simon Mayr becomes "maestro di cappella" at Bergamo Cathedral.

Popular Music

Classical music

*Beethoven - Second Symphony
*Beethoven - Septet in E-flat major
*Joseph Haydn - "Harmoniemesse", his last major work
*Franz Krommer - "Concerto for 2 Clarinets in E flat major"


*Michael Kelly - "Urania"


*March 3 - Adolphe Nourrit, operatic tenor
*July 12 - Charles-Louis Hanssens, composer
*October 7 - Wilhelm Bernhardt Molique, composer


*April 10 - Charlotte Brent, operatic soprano (b. 1735)
*July 28 - Giuseppe Sarti, composer (b. 1729)
*August 10 - Antonio Lolli, violinist and composer (b. c. 1725)
*August 23 - Corona Schröter, singer (b. 1751)
*October 2 - Giuseppe Millico, "castrato" singer, composer and music teacher (b. 1737)

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