1856 in music

1856 in music


* Foundation of the Teatro de la zarzuela by Francisco Asenjo Barbieri.
* In St Petersburg, Russia, Mily Balakirev (the leader) meets César Cui, as the first 2 Russian composers of "The Mighty Five".

Published popular music

*Stephen Foster - "Gentle Annie"
*Benjamin Hanby - "Darling Nelly Gray"

Classical music

*William B. Bradbury - "Esther, the Beautiful Queen" (oratorio)
*Antonín Dvořák - "Polka Pomnenka"


*Alexander Dargomyzhsky - "Rusalka"
*Aimé Maillart - "Les Dragons de Villars"

Musical theater

* "Hiawatha". Broadway production opened at Wallack's Lyceum Theatre on December 25 and ran for 24 performances.
* "Novelty" (Music: Thomas Baker). Broadway production opened at Laura Keene's Variety House on February 22.


* January 6 - Giuseppe Martucci, composer (d. 1909)
* January 9 - Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac, composer (d. 1914)
*January 11 - Christian Sinding, composer (d. 1941)
*May 3 - Max Alvary, Wagnerian tenor (d. 1898)
* May - George Templeton Strong, composer and artist (d. 1948)
* October 22 - Eduard Schutt, conductor and composer
* December 2 - Robert Kajanus, composer (d. 1933)
* December 20 - Ferdinand Avenarius, poet and lyricist, relative of Richard Wagner
*"date unknown" - Helen Hopekirk, pianist and composer


* May 3 - Adolphe Adam, French composer
* July 29 - Robert Schumann, composer
*August 5 - Robert Lucas de Pearsall, composer
*August 8 - Lucia Elizabeth Vestris, actress and singer
*October 14 - Johann Kaspar Mertz, guitarist and composer
*December 31 - Domenico Crivelli, music teacher
*"date unknown" - Thomas Attwood Walmisley, composer and organist

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