Air Defense Artillery Branch (United States Army)

Air Defense Artillery Branch (United States Army)

The Air Defense Artillery branch descended from the Anti-Aircraft Artillery (part of the Field Artillery) into a separate branch on 20 June 1968. On 1 December 1968, the ADA branch was authorized to wear modified Artillery insignia, crossed field guns with missile.

Mission Statement

"Protect the Force and Selected Geopolitical Assets from Aerial Attack, Missile Attack and Surveillance."


Air Defense Artillery refers to the combat group that specializes in anti-aircraft weapons (such as surface to air missiles). In the US Army, these groups are composed of mainly air defense systems such as the PATRIOT Missile System, Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (still in development), and the Avenger Air Defense system which fires the FIM-92 Stinger missile. The branch motto is "First to fire!", patron saint is Saint Barbara, and unofficial mascot the Oozlefinch.

Brigade Sized Units

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