Arbitrary Execution

Arbitrary Execution

Single infobox
Name = Arbitrary Execution

Artist = X Marks the Pedwalk
Released = 1989
Format = 12"
Recorded = 1989
Genre = Industrial music
Length = 16:10
Label = Zoth Ommog
Producer = Sevren Ni-arb (André Schmechta) and RA/HEN
Last single = "Black Door"
This single = "Arbitrary Execution"
Next single = "Danger/Disease Control"
"Arbitrary Execution" is the name of a single by German industrial music band X Marks the Pedwalk. It was released by Zoth Ommog in Europe in LP format.


"Arbitrary Execution" was the first single released by André Schmechta (under the pseudonym Sevren Ni-Arb) and Jörge Böhme (under the pseudonym Regan Eracs) since changing their band name from Scarecrow (see previous single, "Black Door"). It was X Marks the Pedwalk's first release on the German DJ Talla 2XLC's recently formed label, Zoth Ommog. "Arbitrary Execution" was initially released as a 12" under the catalogue number ZOTH 05 (later changed to ZOT 05), but the songs later appeared on the compilation "Airbacktrax" (released in the United States by Cleopatra Records under the name "Abattoir", not to be confused with the single of the same name). The title track was also later released on the Metropolis Records best-of X Marks the Pedwalk compilation, "Retrospective", and Dying Culture's compilation, "Experiences".

Track listing

*A1. "Arbitrary Execution" – 5:40
*A2. "Look on this Side" – 3:39
*B1. "Dead Fuck" – 6:51


The first piece, "Arbitrary Execution", exhibits many of the classical aspects of late eighties industrial dance music. In what is perhaps a conscious imitation of bands like Skinny Puppy, the track contains dancable rhythms, with grinding distorted beats and vocals. The second track, "Look on this Side", is dronish with haunting laughs and effects. The vocals are more throaty and quiet, the only lyric being "look on this side" repeated several times. The final track, the B-side "Dead Fuck", is another semi-dance track with militaristic rolling drum beats and heavily distorted vocals.


According to the back of the vinyl packaging, "X Marks the Pedwalk is: Sevren Ni-Arb - synth., drums, programming, samples, noices [sic] , voices, lyrics and structures. Regan Eracs - synth., drums, samples, comments, lyrics."

ee also

*X Marks the Pedwalk

*"Airbacktrax", compilation disc featuring all three songs.

*"Retrospective", compilation disc featuring "Arbitrary Execution" and an alternate version of "Look on this Side".
*"Experiences", compilation disc featuring "Arbitrary Execution".
*A later version of "Look on this Side" appears on the single "Abattoir".

Singles by X Marks the Pedwalk

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* "Arbitrary Execution" (1989)
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* Entry at official X Marks the Pedwalk website, accessed 13 March, 2006.
* Entry at, accessed 13 March, 2006.
*"Arbitrary Execution", cover and liner notes.

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