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company_type = State-owned enterprise
foundation = New Zealand, 2003 as THL;
New Zealand, 2006 as Kordia
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industry = telecommunications

Kordia is a New Zealand State-owned enterprise that operates a national communications network and provides network feeds and broadcast services for the major television and radio networks.

The Kordia network is based primarily on digital microwave technology, but the company also owns a fibre network running between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with redundant links and an extension to Dunedin. Its transmission points are a legacy of the network that was created by the Government-owned broadcasters Radio New Zealand and Television New Zealand.

As well as use of licenced point-to-point microwave network links, Kordia also owns a variety of broadcast radio spectrum usage rights, including UHF frequencies suitable for television broadcast. Kordia also owns and operates a point-to-multipoint CDMA-based network for lower speed wireless broadband access.

The name “Kordia” is derived from the Latin word “accordia”, meaning “harmony”.


Until November 2006 Kordia was called Broadcast Communications Limited (BCL). It was formed as a subsidiary of Television New Zealand Ltd (TVNZ) on 1 July 1989 [ [http://www.kordiasolutions.com/node/1084 History | Kordia Solutions ] ] after the creation of its parent state-owned enterprise (SOE) in 1988. In 2003 it was owned by Transmission Holdings Limited, another SOE.

Kordia was reputed to be one of the most profitable parts of Television New Zealand, with a near monopoly on transmission high points suitable for network television broadcast in the major centres. Kordia operates almost all transmission points for all the national television networks, including TVNZ's TV1 and TV2, Mediaworks' TV3 and C4, Prime Television and Sky Network Television's UHF pay TV network, along with a number of smaller TV stations and major radio networks. Kordia's nearly 400 high sites are available for co-location. This allows the introduction of other network operators' equipment into these strategic sites. In November 2006, BCL and THL changed their names to Kordia, with the motto "people and technology as one". Other THL companies are now called Kordia also.


Kordia competes with other operators of physical (layer 1) telecommunication network providers such as Telecom New Zealand, TelstraClear and Transpower New Zealand Limited (the national grid operator). Kordia is trialing DVB in New Zealand and DAB in New Zealand and Australia.

In early 2007, Kordia announced that it had signed a distribution agreement with [http://www.roamad.com RoamAD] for the distribution of RoamAD metro wi-fi networks throughout New Zealand.

On 2 July 2007, Kordia acquired Orcon Internet. [ [http://www.kordiasolutions.com/node/1126 Kordia announces acquisition of Orcon | Kordia Solutions ] ]

On 7 September 2007, Kordia launched [http://www.kordiametrowifi.com Kordia Metro WiFi] , an unbundled open access network of metro wi-fi hotzones.

In 2008, Kordia announced a joint venture with PIPE Networks to build an underwater fibre optic cable to Australia, in competition with the Southern Cross Cable.

Main High Sites

*Grampians (coord|41|17|53|S|173|16|47|E|type:landmark|name=Grampians)
*Hedgehope (coord|46|5|37|S|168|42|41|E|type:landmark|name=Hedgehope)
*Hikurangi (coord|35|32|22|S|173|54|54|E|type:landmark|name=Hikurangi)
*Horokaka (coord|35|52|13|S|174|8|5|E|type:landmark|name=Horokaka)
*Kaukau (coord|41|14|1|S|174|46|46|E|type:landmark|name=Kaukau)
*Kuriwao (coord|46|14|19|S|169|22|18|E|type:landmark|name=Kuriwao)
*Little Mount Ida (coord|44|57|26|S|170|3|56|E|type:landmark|name=Little Mount Ida)
*Maungataniwha (coord|35|10|2|S|173|31|25|E|type:landmark|name=Maungataniwha)
*Mount Cargill (coord|45|48|47|S|170|33|19|E|type:landmark|name=Mount Cargill)
*Mount Edgecumbe/Putauaki (coord|38|6|16|S|176|44|12|E|type:landmark|name=Mount Edgecumbe)
*Mount Egmont (coord|39|17|20|S|174|5|6|E|type:landmark|name=Mount Egmont)
*Mount Erin (coord|39|44|23|S|176|50|27|E|type:landmark|name=Mount Erin)
*Mount Murchison (coord|41|43|46|S|172|29|58|E|type:landmark|name=Mount Murchison)
*Mount Rochfort (coord|41|46|44|S|171|44|25|E|type:landmark|name=Mount Rochfort)
*Mount Studholme (coord|44|38|28|S|170|54|40|E|type:landmark|name=Mount Studholme)
*Obelisk (coord|45|19|19|S|169|12|25|E|type:landmark|name=Obelisk)
*Otahoua (coord|40|58|33|S|175|45|18|E|type:landmark|name=Otahoua)
*Paparoa (coord|42|24|13|S|171|20|35|E|type:landmark|name=Paparoa)
*Peninsula Hill (coord|45|2|26|S|168|43|26|E|type:landmark|name=Peninsula Hill)
*Sugarloaf (coord|43|36|12|S|172|38|58|E|type:landmark|name=Sugarloaf)
*Te Aroha (coord|37|32|3|S|175|44|31|E|type:landmark|name=Te Aroha)
*Tuhingamata (coord|38|42|33|S|175|59|48|E|type:landmark|name=Tuhingamata)
*Waiatarua (coord|36|55|34|S|174|34|5|E|type:landmark|name=Waiatarua)
*Whakapunake (coord|38|50|1|S|177|36|0|E|type:landmark|name=Whakapunake)
*Wharite Peak (coord|40|15|17|S|175|51|28|E|type:landmark|name=Wharite Peak)


* [http://www.kordiasolutions.com/ Official website]

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* Freeview (New Zealand)

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