Yaakov Shwekey

Yaakov Shwekey

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Yaakov Shwekey (last name was originally Choueka) (born in 1975) is an internationally known Orthodox Jewish American recording artist. [The Cleveland Jewish News [http://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/articles/2005/04/20/community/cavalcade/gcav0114.txt Hebrew Academy...] , October 5, 2008] Through his father, he is of Egyptian and Syrian Sefardic heritage, although his mother is Ashkenazic. [ [http://www.nachumsegal.com/readblognew.cfm?blog=42455 Nachum Segal's blog] ]


After singing with the Miami Boys Choir Dubious|date=September 2008, he first launched a solo career in 2001, with his debut album "Shomati." Since then he has become a Jewish music sensation. Shwekey has continued to release hit albums. To date, seven albums have been released, including a compilation of wedding songs ("Be'Simcha"), a compilation of "Kumzitz" songs ("Behisorerus"), and his first concert DVD, "Shwekey – Live in Paris 2006." Other albums include "Shwekey 2" and "Yedid". His newest album is a called "Leshem Shomayim" which was released in 2007.

Shwekey is a singer, who does not write or compose any of his material, rather he pays composers for their songs which he records on his albums, which are produced by Hasidic drummer, Yochi Briskman.

Quite a few of Shwekey's songs in particular have garnered a substantial following. One of his most famous songs is "Racheim" composed by Pinky Weber, in which he sings the words Jews say in the prayer after eating, asking God to have mercy on the Jewish nation and the city of Jerusalem. As Shwekey describes this moving song, "It’s a prayer. It’s not just a song. We connect with G-d and ask Him to have mercy". Another of his famous hits is entitled "Mama Rochel" composed by Abie Rotenberg, quoting the prophet Jeremiah, Shwekey asks our Matriarch Rachel to cry and beg on behalf of the Jewish People. Other songs of his, including "Shomati" composed by Yossi Green and "Im Eshkacheish", from Psalms 137, have also found considerable popularity as wedding songs at Jewish wedding ceremonies.

Some of his other hit songs include "Shema", "Ben Bag Bag", "Mama Rochel", "Meheira", "Racheim", "Ma ma ma", "Tatte Tatte", "Leshem Shomayim" , "Hein AM", "Vina" and "Mishoich".

Yaakov Shwekey is married to Jenine Shwekey, who as a senior in high school, founded the Special Children's Center, a respite and support program for special needs children. Yaakov Shwekey volunteers much time and energy to this philanthropic endeavor.

Shwekey also performs at fundraisers for such organizations and sings covers of modern contemporary American artists such as Josh Groban.


*"Shomati", 2001
*"Shwekey 2", 2002
*"Bsimcha"', 2003
*"Yedid", 2004
*"Behisorerus", 2005
*"Live in Paris", 2006
*"Leshem Shomayim", 2007

In addition, Shwekey has appeared in one or more tracks on the following albums:

*"Shuvu El Hashem" (Rav Shmuel Brazil), 2000
*"Miami 25" (25th anniversary concert of Miami Boys Choir), 2002
*"Journeys 4"' Abie Rotenberg, 2003
*"HASC 18 (HASC)", 2005
*"Vezakeni" (Baruch Levine), 2006
*"Hasc 19" 2006
*"Harei Yehuda" (Yehuda Gilden) 2008


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