Landmark (disambiguation)

Landmark (disambiguation)

Landmark or landmarks can refer to
*landmark, a notable geographical feature or building

*The Landmark, a pair of skyscrapers under construction at 22 Marsh Wall in Canary Wharf, London, England
*The Landmark (Hong Kong), an office and shopping development
*The Landmark (Toronto), a retail development named after the above
*The Landmark (Philippines), a department store in Makati City and TriNoma, Quezon City
*Landmark Center, a commercial building in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
*Landmark Center (St. Paul), a former Courthouse and Post Office in Minnesota, USA
*The Landmark Hotel and Casino, formerly in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
*The Landmark London, a hotel in the City of Westminster, London, England
*The Landmark Theatre, in Ilfracombe, North Devon, England
*The Landmark Tower Complex, a proposed 90-storey skyscraper in Bangkok, Thailand
*Yokohama Landmark Tower, the tallest building in Japan
*Hanoi Landmark Tower, under construction, Vietnam's tallest building in the future

*Landmark Cinemas (Canada), a film exhibition chain
*Landmark College, a college in Putney, Vermont
*Landmark Communications, a media company
*Landmark Conference an NCAA Division III athletic conference
*Landmark Education, a company offering self development seminars
*Landmark Legal Foundation, a conservative advocacy group
*Landmark Theatres, a theatre chain in the United States
*Landmark Trust, a British charity that rescues and restores historic buildings that are at risk
*Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks, also known simply as Landmarks

*"Landmarks" (album), by the Irish folk band Clannad
*landmark decision, a legal ruling of great importance
*landmark point, a point in a shape that corresponds between similar shapes
*Masonic Landmarks, a set of principles in Freemasonry

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