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Tim Hamaguci,
Phoebe McAuley,
Jack Langedijk,
Cameron Ansell
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"Skyland" (full French title: "Skyland, Le Nouveau Monde", or "Skyland, The New World"), is a CGI animated television series developed in France in partnership with Canada/Luxembourg for the television channels France 2 (France), Teletoon (in Canada), the NickToons Network (USA), ABC Australia, and CITV and the CITV Channel (UK). A one hour, worldwide preview was aired on November 26, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. EST and again and 11:00 p.m. as well as at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 the following day. The program was hosted by Chase Francisco. It was launched on April 22, 2006, at 7:30 p.m. on Teletoon. On July 2, 2006, an encore of the one hour pilot aired on Nicktoons Network. The show is produced by Paris's Method Films and Toronto's 9 Story Entertainment.

The series premiered on Nicktoons Network on Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 9/8c (one year after the show's "Global Sneak Peek"). Also, the original French version was seen for a very brief time on TV5MONDE in the United States.

The plotline borrows heavily from previously used concepts from anime, in particular the hit Japanese anime series [ Last Exile] . Reruns return on Nicktoons Network on September 8, 2008.


The series is set on Earth during the 23rd century, at which time the planet has been shattered into millions of pieces; known individually as Blocks, and collectively as Skyland, which orbit around a central core.

At sometime prior to the franchise's on-air time line beginning, a dictatorship known as the Sphere rose to power through the control of Skyland's water supplies. The Sphere maintains its power using enforcers known as Guardians; elite corps who were taken from their families at a young age and specially trained. In response to the actions of the Sphere, groups of pirates emerge whose primary concern is stealing water. Skyland is written from the perspective of the pirates.


A key concept in the franchise is that of the Seijin (精人); Meaning "spirit person" in Japanese. Seijin are an evolved form of human who are able to absorb energy from sunlight and to use it to fuel special abilities, ranging from telekenisis and telepathy to energy-based attacks. Oslo, the leader of the Guardians, is a Seijin who exposed himself to constant light until he could use his powers in both light and dark, with repercussions on his health. He himself went through the Guardian Academy, training alongside an equally powerful Seijin, called Mila, also an important cast member.

The seijin are central to a prophecy about the "Lady of Light" - a female destined to become the most powerful Seijin ever and unify Earth alongside an unknown man.


The story of Skyland revolves around a rebellion organized by former guardian Mila, a powerful Seijin and the pirate Marcus; whom Mila has fallen in love with. Together, they persuade the various bands of pirates to band together to launch a rebellion. The rebellion initially sees success but something goes horribly wrong while the Rebels are liberating a Sphere-controlled block. Many pirates are killed, Marcus vanishes, and the rebellion is all but destroyed. Mila takes their two young children, a son named Mahad and a Seijin daughter called Lena, and escapes to Babylonia, in the heart of the Sphere-controlled zone. She stays there for 12 years, hiding both her daughter’s and her own Seijin abilities as she raises her children on a small farm.

But Oslo never forgot her, or his fascination for the prophecy and his belief that Mila is the Lady of Light and they were the ones mentioned in the prophecy. In the year 2251, his Guardians finally locate her. Mila fights back, but is captured and taken away to Karzhem, Skyland’s most secure prison. The location can only be pinpointed by the sphere not the resistance because it moves to unpredictable locations. Though Mila dismisses the prophecy and his belief that they are the ones it referred to, Oslo comes to believe that the Lady of Light is actually Lena, especially given that her powers exceed her mother's. Her children, before Mila is located, are sent away in a stolen Sphere ship with instructions to find a man known as the Vector.

Mahad, a 17-year-old pilot, and Lena, 12 years old and already a powerful Seijin, are shot down and then rescued by a small group of pirates led by the Captain Cortez. They join the resistance, determined to find their mother, free Skyland, and learn more about the father. Oslo has plans of his own: to capture Lena and fulfill the prophecy, ruling Skyland.

The Prophecy

"He will unify the Earth with the Lady of Light..."

This prophecy is a central theme in Skyland, though few people actually believe in it. Oslo believes that the two figures in the prophecy refer to himself and Mila (and later Lena) and that they will unify the world by taking control of it. Members of the Resistance initially thought the two figures referred to Mila and Marcus, though the prophecy was eventually dismissed when Marcus disappeared. Mila, though she disregards Oslo's interpretation of the phrase, believes that the prophecy refers to her children and provided a normal childhood for them until they were old enough to fulfill it.

As of the completion of the first season, it is still unknown what the prophecy really means. Many fans have their own theories of what the prophecy foretells, but the most popular, is that Lena is indeed the Lady of Light, and that Marcus Ferrel, is the man mentioned. Of course this is only a rumor, and has yet to be confirmed.

Main characters

Mahad (voiced by Tim Hamaguchi, performed by Julien Girbig) - Age 17. Mahad is full of life, a show off, likable, charming, full of himself and adventuresome. When he was younger, he was always unhappy because he didn't have a father and his mother was a lot like Lena. In pilot school, he was always in detention due to making extreme moves on the simulator. Though not a Seijin, his goal is to free his mother. Until that time, he will slug it out with the Sphere. Though young, Mahad is unequalled as a pilot of his father's ship the "Hyperion" and after him, he is the best pilot in all of Skyland. Though his younger sister, Lena, always insists Dahlia is "too old for him", Mahad keeps trying to convince Dahlia he's the guy for her. He has enormous, often misplaced, self-confidence. His weapon of choice is his boomerang.

Lena (voiced by Phoebe McAuley, performed by Christelle Ouvrard) - Age 12. Intelligent, reasonable, calm but determined, impetuous. When someone she loves in is danger, Lena is a very mature, and formidable, 12-year old girl. She alternates between carefree playing and grim determination. Adventure isn't an end in itself, only a necessary step along the way. Lena is a powerful Seijin, believed by Oslo to be the 'Lady of Light' from the prophecy. She has the powers of telekinessis and telepathy, as well as other abilities such as powering energy and creating energy bolts and balls, projecting memories, and remotely sensing the presence of things and people. She can even levitate herself to great heights, as seen during an aerial battle with Diwan in the episode Heart of the Arena. She is beginning to control her telekinesis, but it tires her quickly. She has still very little control over her telepathy.

Supporting characters

Aran Cortes (voiced by Jack Langedijk, performed by Dominic Gould) - Age 37. Gruff, moody, severe and just, with a tendency to be blasé (but still a rebel deep down). He's aware of his responsibilities as "father figure" and protector of Puerto Angel. Often complains that he has no idea why he listens to "kids" (particularly Mahad and Lena). He tends to show his anger physically, often punching a wall or banging his fist on a console when frustrated. Cortes was part of the original Pirate Rebellion and knew Marcus Farrell "by reputation." His weapon of choice is a shotgun. In the English dub, he has a dubious Scottish accent. Despite wearing his uniform with the Pirate crest even when "off duty" in Puerto Angel, Cortes "personalizes" it with a Tartan instead of a belt. He knew Cheng's mother before she was supposedly killed, and seemed to have had a soft spot for her.

Cheng (voiced by Cameron Ansell, performed by Max Gruber and Emile Kaczorowski) - Age 12. Cheng, despite his incredible intellect, is really still a child. He loves to fool around: missions are like video games in the great outdoors and he loves to play practical jokes on people. He is a very good hacker. He'll do anything for attention, like speaking in rhymes. He also seems to have a slight crush on both Lena and Celia. Cortes is his foster father. His parents were Pirate scientists thet he believes are deceased. He thinks his only living relative is his grandfather, Tybald Ye, a scientist who is truly on the Pirates' side but pretends to be a Sphere supporter. His weapon of choice is a laser bazooka.

Dahlia (voiced by Alyson Court, performed by Tadrina Hocking) - Age 20. She has moved into the world of adults but is nevertheless attracted to Mahad's rebellious and youthful spirit, as well as his love for freedom. She finds Mahad's arrogance both irritating and appealing, which sets an interesting tension between them. She seems to enjoy giving Mahad grief. In "Eye of the storm", she nearly kissed Mahad had Lena not saved them. She often acts "serious" in order to distinguish herself from the "kids" but she breaks down from time to time and shows her mischievous side. She is proud to fight alongside Cortes and protect the people of Puerto Angel. She is a valued member of the pirates. Her weapon of choice is an energy bow and arrow. Mahad and others who disobey her are often quick to see the sharp side of her tongue.

Diwan (voiced by Athena Karkanis, performed by Lena Kowksi) - Age 25. Female master of highly developed Seijin powers, but not at Oslo's level. Appointed by Oslo to personally capture Lena. She's bald and has a red tattoo above her left eye and eyeshadow on both. Currently, Diwan would do anything to show her devotion to Oslo, who treats her like garbage in return. She controls the Brigadiers. While she was a captive of the Pirates, Diwan tried to escape but was cast off in the groundless Skyland, despite Dahlia's attempts to save her.

Marcus Farrell Approx. 35. Former leader of the Pirate Rebellion. He is the father of Mahad and Lena, partner to Mila. Back when he was Mahad's age, he stole water from the Sphere in broad daylight. Mila and Oslo were sent to capture him and Mila got to him first. He helped Mila to see what the Sphere truly is, and they ran away together. Through their combined efforts, they built up the rebellion in six years, posing a real threat to the Sphere. He mysteriously disappeared during an attack on the Sphere leaving the Pirate Rebellion in disarray. Mahad and Lena discover in episode 10 that he may have survived, and might be hiding on one of the last free blocks.

Mila (voiced by Alex Belcourt, performed by Julie Delaurenti) - Age 35. Mahad and Lena's mother. Kept in hiding on the Sphere Block, Babylonia, she appears rarely and always in a very symbolic way. Her children only discover her heroic past (from the Vector and Hailong Zalo) after she is abducted. She used to hide in ships like a little stowaway. She was taken to the Sphere Academy of her own free will. She was a highly gifted former student in the Guardian School, where she spent time with Oslo. On her first mission with Oslo, they were sent to capture Marcus Farrell. She got to him first. She chose to renounce her exceptionally strong paranormal powers, as well as many privileges, when she decided not to help the Sphere after seeing how terrible it was. After leaving, she met up with Marcus Farrell and they married. She gave birth to her son Mahad and was about to give birth to Lena when Marcus vanished, crippling the Pirate Rebellion. She knew Oslo would find her again, so Mila decided to go into hiding and raise her children as a Mansa farmer without using her powers. She is a complex mix of Mahad's indomitable personality and Lena's exceptional powers. She was saved by Mahad and Lena in Kharzem Fortress.

Oslo (voiced by Juan Chioran, performed by Simon Flossaut Masnay) - Age 35. Brother of Darius, Comes from Vandegaard, a Scandinavian block. Leader of the Guardians and Commander of the Sphere. He knew Mila back in the Sphere Academy. They were best friends, inseparable. On their first mission together, they were sent to capture Marcus Farrell. When he found Mila, he attempted to turn her to fulfill the Prophecy, rule all of Skyland and take control of the Sphere. After hearing that her daughter was far more powerful, he decided to capture Lena. Absolute master of his highly developed Seijin powers. Oslo is able to use his powers in the dark and light by keeping himself exposed to sunlight night and day. Mila said that being able to use his powers in the dark would destroy him from the inside. He is a rival to Marcus, in that Marcus "stole" Mila from him. He told Lena Marcus was alive but she found it hard to believe. It is slightly obvious that Oslo has strong feelings for Mila, though she does not for him.

The Vector (voiced by William Colgate, performed by Olivier Breuils) - Age 60. A very intelligent smart man. The Vector has always lived as a recluse and was almost never interested in the "practical" aspects of life. He is eccentric and often unaware of danger. He is often pensive, daydreaming and lost in his thoughts. He rarely leaves his lighthouse on Puerto Angel. He taught Lena how to use her powers. The Vector has mapped Skyland, though it is incomplete. He helped Mila escape the Sphere Academy.

Wayan (Voiced by Milton Barnes, performed by Pete Thias) - Age 30. Wayan is Cortes' First Lieutenant. He is an excellent marksman, capable of total concentration and self-mastery during a battle. Conversely, he is much less organized in real life. Although he is talkative, a joker and a great storyteller, his perpetual optimism doesn't detract from his mastery of weapons and inborn sense of adventure which he satisfies with his mountain climbing exploits. Sometimes it seems he's Cortes' kid brother that he never had. His weapon of choice is a Shock Blaster.

Minor characters

*Alice - A recently graduated Guardian who crash-landed on Puerto Angel and was captured. She believed that the Sphere were the "good guys" and the pirates the "bad guys." She managed to escape by tricking Mahad - who was on guard duty - and hid in the Mosquito bay. When Mahad captured her, she promised not to tell the Sphere about their location but he didn't trust her. Alice threw Mahad out an open door but used her powers to save him. Out of pity, he hid her in his closet. However, Lena discovered her during a block-wide search and, through a telepathic communion, Alice learned from Lena that she was wrong about the Sphere. With the help of Cheng who fixed her Patroller, they planned to have Alice find their mother. Suddenly, they were intercepted by Diwan, whom Alice tricked into allowing them to escape. Now a supporter of the pirates, Alice plans to tell the other Guardians the truth, wherever she is reassigned.

*Astrid - Astrid is the daughter of Max. She seems to be very close to her father, as she always calls him 'Daddy.' She seems to be close in age to Mahad, towards whom she displayed requited interest. When she learned that her Dad was not the famous Sean of Aragon, she went to the Sphere but ended up hostage.

*Baldr - Works for Darius.

*Celia - A young Seijin girl who was taken in by the Pirates. When the crew was captured, Lena helped Celia discover her powers to defeat Jelola and Artemis. On Puerto Angel, Lena was her teacher in her quest to unlock the full potential of her powers. Celia couldn't talk while captive. She may have a small crush on Cheng, calling him "cute".

*Darius - Oslo's twin brother. Was born minutes after his brother and his existence prevented Oslo from gaining his full Seijin potential. Was banished for life on the Vandegaard block.

*Feng - A brash apprentice of Ningxia. Feng like everyone else wanted the Sphere to come down but thought it was impossible. He betrayed Master Hailong Zalo and took control. But he was deposed from power.

*Hailong Zalo - An elder Seijin and ruler of Ningxia. He used to know Mila. He was imprisoned in a room where light felt like an intruder. Yet his apprentice Lee rescued him. Unfortunately, while being ambushed by Diwan, Zalo physically transmitted to Lena a message from her mother. Currently, he is weak but he left Lee in charge of Ningxia.

*Hanako - Hanako was a close friend of Mahad, whom she used to hang out with. She hasn't seen him for months until he and Lena came for a visit, accompanied by Dahlia. She gave him a kiss good-bye and might harbour deeper feelings for Mahad. She is friendly towards Dahlia, however.

*Jelola and Artemis - Sphere Guardians who were supposed to transport a young Seijin girl, Celia, to the Sphere Academy. When they were intercepted by the Pirates, they acted as parents to Celia but then took over the Saint Nazaire. But thanks to Mahad, Dahlia, Lena and Celia, they were defeated and left on a bench block for the Sphere to find. Jelola is female, very strict and wants to replace Diwan as Oslo's right hand. Artemis is male and is quirky. According to Oslo, they haven't been very trustworthy in the past.

*Jonah - A scientist who was hired by the Sphere to design an Anti-Seijin holding cell on the Monolith for a very special Seijin. However, he heard that he would be executed after the job was done, compelling him to escape. He was intercepted by the pirates who asked for his help to sneak Mahad and Lena onto the Monolith. Instead, he took off in the Hyperion but was captured by Diwan. After a series of fights on the Monoliths, Jonah escaped with Mahad and Lena so the Sphere could never use his genius. Jonah was seen in the episode "Infiltration."

*Kale - Seen in 'Heart of the Arena', Kale was Diwan's champion, and a very successful gladiator. He revealed to Mahad that Diwan had promised him his freedom if he won ten fights. When Mahad pointed out that he'd never be freed while he still won, Kale made it clear that it was better than the alternative, because losing meant death. He'd won seven fights when he was pitted against Mahad, and despite winning, risked his life by refusing to kill him when Diwan ordered it. He escaped with the Pirates and was invited to join the Rebellion. It was revealed that he used to live on a farm before his capture.

*Countess Kondratti - A Seijin ghost and the librarian of a library in Venice. When the Earth broke up, the countess commissioned the Book of Worlds to keep track of all the known blocks that make up present day Skyland. The cause of Kondratti's death is unknown. When Mahad and Lena arrived at her library, looking for the Book of Worlds, she assisted them in assembling it. When Oslo and Diwan came in, Kondratti distracted them long enough for Mahad and Lena to escape. She is seen at the end of the episode, putting a book back in its place and shushing the audience.

*Lee - Lee comes from Ningxia, and apprentice to an old friend of the Vector, Hailong Zalo. He came to Puerto Angel in search of "Little Phoenix" (Lena) for his master had a message from her mother. He was dismayed when the Sphere had turned against Ningxia from a fellow apprentice, Feng. He helped Mahad and Lena escape from the guards and enlists their aid to save his master. He made it look like he was following Feng's orders to capture them. Once he distracted the guards, he freed Mahad, Lena and Zalo. But, they were ambushed by Diwan. Lee went a little offscreen for a while. After Ningxia was freed, Zalo put him in charge to protect Ningxia if the Sphere returns.

*Lucas - A teenage Seijin whose parents were members of the resistance. He was left on a British Columbian block where he and other Seijin children would be safe. Over time, he became the Peter Pan of the group, never wanting to grow up. However, the Sphere had learned of their existence through the Saint Nazaire's computer, planning to mold him and the others into Guardians. He was able to escape with the children with the help of the pirates. Now living on Puerto Angel, he complained to Lena that school was brutal.

*Lucretia - Seen in "Wind Devils," Lucretia is a member of a band of thieves called the Wind Devils, who steal anything they can and sell it on the black market. Mahad knew Lucretia from when they bumped into each other while both of them were wind-gliding. They remember meeting each other at a wind-surfing competition where Lucretia beats him by what Mahad calls a "technicality." After the competition Mahad notices the developing bad air currents and leaves. Lucretia follows and catches a glimpse of Cortes's ship, the Saint Nazaire. Before she leaves, she persuades Mahad to race her one last time "fair and square." However, Cheng disabled Mahad's Mosquito, allowing Lucretia to win by default. Lucretia's name possibly comes from William Shakespeare's poem, "The Rape Of Lucrece".

*Max- Max is father to Astrid, and was a delivery man to a famous but now dead scientist, Sean of Aragon. He pretended to be that scientist in order to impress his daughter, but was, in reality, little more than a con man. Pretending to be the Sean of Aragon brought nothing but trouble, however, as the Sphere wanted to find the scientist, who had been working on a formula for an endless source of water when his lab 'mysteriously' blew up.

*Patrucci - An extremely paranoid citizen of Puerto Angel, Patrucci lives in constant fear of the Sphere, and of betrayal from his fellow rebels. He doesn't trust Mahad and Lena, nor seemingly Cortes, although he displayed concern for Dahlia in 'Manipulations'. His character model is often recycled, but most fans agree that the 'true' Patrucci only appeared in 'Manipulations'. Though he wanted to leave, he reappeared in "Alice" who ratted to Cortes that Mahad, Cheng and Lena were helping a Guardian escape.

*Sansken - A man blackmailed by the Sphere to bring Mahad and Lena to Paris on the information about where their mother was. If he refused, his children would be harmed. He lost his wife by unknown means. Once he was free, Sansken took "Hyperion" and saved Mahad and Lena from Oslo. He and his family are now living on Puerto Angel.

*Shinseiki - A Guardian student who was banished to the Fringes for her attempts to fulfill the Prophecy on her own. Even in exile, Shinseiki brooded from revenge. Using dark powers, she kidnapped several Seijins in order to absorb their powers to unify the blocks of Skyland and recreate Earth, no matter how many suffered. To this end, she telepathically reached out to Lena to bring her to the Great Wall and then to her tower. However, Lena tricked Shinseiki, overloading her with power and destroying her tower, but the mad Seijin had survived the blast. Shinseiki moves like a circus performer and has a small brigade of Brigadiers as escorts

*Shoomday - Shoomday is a friend of Mahad who always loses to him in races. When Mahad and Lena disappeared, Shoomday took up a job fixing Sphere Patrollers and Brigadiers, while secretly stealing any good technology he happened across. It is unclear how he feels about his friend Hanako. He helped Mahad, Lena and Dahlia escape when he distracted Sphere Patrollers by flying one against them and was nearly shot down. Dahlia complains that it's like having two Mahads.

*Symbiont - An energy creature composed of Seijin energies, the Symbiont guards Stonehenge, an old Pirate base. Its exact form is unknown and looks invisible. It gets bigger when absorbing more energy. Marcus Farrell programmed it to his, Mila, Mahad and Lena's DNA. All they had to do was touch it on the head. Mahad had the Symbiont chase off Oslo to prevent him from finding the last free blocks from an information cube. After that little adventure, Mahad and Lena couldn't bring it back.

*Tak - Seen in "Heart of the Arena", Tak use to be a gladiator but now has become a ringmaster for a fighting show for the Sphere. His base and show location is situated in the Coliseum. The Brigadiers who serve him are made from obsolete parts and models. Tak lined up Mahad with a fight with Diwan's prized combatant, Kale. However, Diwan personally wanted him executed for not telling her that he had Mahad in his custody. Fearing for his life, he helped Cortes and Wayan escape from jail with the information that "A little brig told me". Now on the pirates' side, he tried to make a new attraction for Mahad and Kale but they refused. Cortes said Tak always wants to be on the winning side.

*Tibald Yee - Tibald Yee is Cheng's grandfather. He lived in the time before Earth broke up. When it did, he joined the Sphere when it brought order to the chaos. His daughter and her husband were Pirate scientists. Tibald made every last scrap of the Sphere's technology, from the Brigadier to the S-22 Patrollers to the Monolith. While working on his missile defense system, he stalled, sending Patrollers all over Skyland to find Cheng. When he succeeded, Diwan found out and arrested him as well as Mahad and Lena who came to rescue Cheng. When the Pirates arrived, he fought with Cortes, giving him the plans to his missile defense system, and they settled on a trade for him, for Cheng. He is now a supporter of the Pirates secretly.


Certain people possess a set of special abilities powered by sunlight. These people are referred to as "Seijins." Those Seijins who serve the Sphere are known as the Guardians. Oslo, a Seijin himself, used his abilities to rise to power. Oslo does not have complete control over all of Skyland, and intends to coerce the prophesied Lady of Light, first thought to be Mila and later thought to be Lena, to rule with him, because he believed that was what the prophecy meant : That he, Oslo, was the man whom would unify earth (under his rule, rather than physically) with the Lady of Light.

The Seijins have many different mental abilities powered by the sun. These include: telekinesis, telepathy, mental control, astral projection, energy balls/blasts and little electricity rays.

Known Seijins:
*Hailong Zalo


*Guardians - Elite corps of Seijins trained to discipline traitorous people and enforce the Sphere's power. Led by Oslo, they are very strict. Seijin children are taken from their families at a young age (parents who resist are killed) and are trained (and possibly brainwashed) to be used as Guardians. Oslo wishes to put Lena through the Guardian Academy.

*Pirate Rebellion - A group of 'free' citizens who are opposed to the Sphere's control of Skyland and hope to free everyone trapped within it. Their numbers were numerous, under the command of Marcus Farrell. Unfortunately, during a huge offense against the Sphere, there were many casualties and Marcus might have died. Today, the remainder of the Rebellion live in hiding, still struggling to survive and bring the Sphere down.

*The Sphere - The Sphere was formed from the world leaders. They installed a dictatorship to take over all of human kind, under the guise of bringing order to the chaos on the blocks post-break up of Earth. They exclusively control the water made available to citizens. Bitter citizens suggest that the reason they collect water is to make a swimming pool for their leaders. Resistance is not tolerated, and even an insult can earn the death penalty - without trial. The Sphere does not yet have control over the outer fringes of the Archipelago, and the Pirates fight desperately to keep it that way.

*Wind Devils The Wind Devils are a notorious group of outlaws who steal water from unprotected Sphere territory and surf the gravity waves. They are led by an old friend of Mahad known as Lucretia. They have one ship and a small squadron of red colored Mosquitoes.


*Blue Sky - A defense system created by the Vector to hide Puerto Angel and pirate ships from sight and radar. Thanks to this device, Cortes and the pirates can conduct raids without fear. However, the Sphere planned to deactivate Blue Sky by fooling the pirates into capturing a sphere containing Mila's memories.

*Brigadiers Robotic enforcers of the Sphere. They are mostly called "brigs". Possibly used because of manpower or loyalty issues, Brigadiers are programmed to pilot Sphere ships, operate independently as well as under the guidance of a Guardian, and are usually sent to "discipline" wayward blocks. They are considered to be technological masterpieces by most among the scientific or technology-minded, however, despite their technological complexity, their accuracy appears to be terrible and they can be destroyed quite easily. Using extracted Seijin energy from Mila, Oslo created the Alpha Brigs, robots that use Seijin powers and are practically indestructible. They are simply constructed and move like Guardians. All of the current units were drained of their powers and were destroyed.

*Hyperion Personal fighter craft of Marcus Farrell. Used to be a prototype created by the Sphere that he stole and modified. He left it in his last base for his son Mahad to inherit. It is powered by two engines on starboard and port side. Guns and torpedoes are positioned at the front of the engines. The craft has two entrances - one to the cockpit and a repair station hatch to the lower parts of the ship. The co-pilot seat can go down to the lower section. A Mosquito can be attached to its belly. The Hyperion's form consists of a main body, with cockpit extending from the top rear; the engines contained in two separate nacelles on either side of the main body. The Hyperion was destroyed at Karzham when one of the blocks crushed it.

*Light chamber - A cylindrical device designed to temporarily boost a Seijin's powers. Oslo extensively uses the device to grant himself unlimited power.

*Mogura A robotic spider designed to detect, treat, and store water for the Sphere. One of the earlier prototypes became a serious threat when it could no longer find water to harvest, as it had not been programmed to shut down in such an event. Since 75% of the human body is made of water, it wanted to drill humans for water as well. The Sphere had to abandon the mining station, leaving all the water stored behind. The Pirates defeated it thanks to Cheng, and were able to take the water from the station. However, the Mogura came back and began banging on the Saint Nazaire's lounge but Lena used her powers to force it off into the void. First seen in the episode titled "Mogura".

*MonolithThe flagship and home of Oslo. It is the largest Sphere ship shown, equipped with the most advanced technology. It also contains a secret light room where Oslo can boost his power. It is armed with a lightning weapon. The Monolith was destroyed by Lena at Kharzem, killing everyone aboard.

*Mosquitoes - Pirate combat crafts. Can be launched from the Saint Nazaire's belly.

*S-22 Patroller Skyhopper-like fighter. Standard Sphere patrol ship. Humans are rarely seen flying them; they are mostly used by Brigadiers. They can carry up to 6 Brigadiers. Guardians fly their own personal, customized S-22 Patrollers. Each Patroller is equipped with an encrypted navigational transponder, one of which was stolen by Mahad's friend Shoomday, so that Mahad and Lena could find Kharzem.

*Saint Nazaire Current flagship of the pirates. It resembles an ocean cruiser as well the bridge. Has retractable wings. Mosquitoes can be launched from the belly of the ship and the Hyperion can rest in front of the bridge. A double barrel cannon is at the back of the bridge and a horizontal one at the bottom of the front. A living room is at the back. Another model of the Saint Nazaire's design is the Callisto, which was destroyed to prevent it from falling into the Sphere's hands.

* Sphere water carrier - A transport ship for carrying water. It is armed with heavy weaponry. The carrier can hold up to two S-22 Patrollers in its hanger. One carrier was shown to be guarded by mines. While they are frequent targets by the pirates, they are rarely shown in great detail.

Blocks and places

* Babylonia - A group of blocks right in the middle of the Sphere-controlled zone. There are many farms here and the weather is very dry. Home of Mahad and Lena until they had to escape the Sphere. Later on, after Lena sees an image of her mother, they return with Dahlia, seeking an object from their mother which Lena can use for further telepathic contact. But, actually, Lena's memories were being projected, not telepathic messages. Seen in episode titled "Babylonia".

* Kharzem Prison - Skyland's most secure prison, for holding dangerous criminals. No one knows exactly where it is, apart from a few members of the Sphere. No one can exactly find it because it constantly changes it position. However, the Hyperion had a map to Kharzem, wherever it is located. In appearance, it looks like a cluster of Borg cubes, each cube shifting its position. There is enough space for ships the size of the Monolith to go through. The center of Kharzem is hollow, the place where Mila was held.

*New York - Seen in 'Dawn of a New Day - Part Two,' the Hyperion was hidden in an old multi-level car park.

*Ningxia - A Chinese block. Had a deal with the Sphere that in exchange for peace, the dictatorship got half the stone mined by the Block. But pressure increased as the Sphere wanted it all. It was the home of the Vector's old Seijin friend, Hailong Zalo. Was taken over by the Sphere but was liberated. Lee, Zalo's apprentice, was put in charge of protecting Ningxia in case the Sphere ever came back.

*Puerto Angel - Large block on the outskirts of Skyland. Base of operations of the pirates and home to anyone who wants to live free of the Sphere. Although the Sphere knows where Puerto Angel is, they do not realise that Puerto Angel is the home of the rebellion. At the top of the hill is the Vector's lighthouse. Just like other blocks, however, Puerto Angel is always running short of water and must either steal it from the Sphere or buy it because private water mines are almost nonexistent. Puerto Angel has set up a number of early-warning systems, such as an old phone booth, to alert them when the Sphere is approaching.

*Paris - Seen in 'Raging Archipelago.' It's surrounded by a large atmospheric storm, making it almost impossible to access. Once in a while, the cloud can make an opening for ships and light to pass through. Once it closes, any ships caught in the storm get torn apart. While being blackmailed by the Sphere, Sansken took Mahad and Lena there to be captured by the Sphere but he helped them escape.

*Vandergaard - A Scandinavian block that is home of Oslo's brother Darius.

*Stonehenge - a block containing stonehenge, under which is an abandoned rebel base. It is seen in 'Red Rock People'.

*Kondratti - The Block that contained the Book Of Worlds. Seen in 'Book Of Worlds'. It appears to be the city of Venice.

*Temuera - A series of blocks where an ancient weapon called "The Origin" is said to be. The Origin is rumored to be able to increase a seijin's powers hundredfold.


This timeline has been translated, edited, and added to by a fan. It is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

2191 – Birth of The Vector.

2214 – Birth of Aran Cortes.

2216 – Birth of Mila and Oslo.

2217 – Mila’s parents die mysteriously. Mila is collected by a dignitary of the Sphere who sees her promise as a Sejin.

2221 – Birth of Wayan. 2226 - At 10 years old Mila joins the Academy and meets Oslo there. Birth of Diwan.

2227-2233 - Mila and Oslo, both rising to brilliance at the Academy, are inseparable. Oslo’s abilities grow as does his thirst for power and violence. Depending on which source you read, Dahlia is born in 2230 or 2231.

2234 – While on a mission to oppose the rebels, Mila meets Marcus, a pirate. They fall in love. Marcus helps her become aware of the dictatorial horror the Sphere imposes. Marcus and Mila flee the Sphere together. Oslo is sworn to find them. (It is possible to assume that Marcus stole the Hyperion from the Sphere at around this time.) Birth of Mahad.

2235 - After a time, traveling from block to block (including an Australian Block from which they bring back the boomerang later used by Mahad), the young couple finds refuge in the block of Angkor (Kampuchea). At that time, Angkor is the principal base of the resistance. Mila and Marcus set up a network over several blocks. The members of the resistance are confident that Mila and Marcus are the couple mentioned in the prophecy, and find new hope for the release of Skyland.

2237-2240 - Marcus becomes the leader of the resistance. Birth of Lena in 2239.

2241 - Marcus disappears during a mission on the block of Azul. The Resistance is dissolved, the block of Angkor falls to the Sphere, and Mila owes her survival to the Vector, who covered her escape.

2242 - Mila settles in the center of Sphere territory: Babylonia. Who would think to seek her under the very nose of the Sphere? She no longer uses her Sejin abilities as other Sejin are able to detect the use of these abilities, even at great distance.

2243-2250 – Life goes on. Mila hides the abilities of her daughter because all the Sejin children are taken to the Academy. The Vector settles in a lighthouse on the block of Puerto Angel, a pirate base formerly liberated from the Sphere by Marcus. Oslo becomes head of the Guardians and has not forgotten the Sejin who was his equal: Mila.

2251 – Mila is finally discovered and imprisoned by the Sphere. Mahad and Lena meet what remains of the pirates and join the rebellion. Mahad and Lena find Marcus’ ship, the Hyperion, on what was formerly New York. They also discover, through a photo that was in the ship, that Marcus Farrell was their father.

List of episodes

(In the United States, the episodes are broadcast out of order, with episode 6 shown as the "season finale"; the "2nd season" is scheduled to premiere in the United States on July 22nd. Additionally, on the kids' show Rollercoaster on ABC Australia, episodes 8 & 9 were aired the other way around. The premiere dates shown reflect the original French broadcasts.)

*Ep. 1 & 2 "Dawn of a new day. Parts 1 & 2" - Air dates April 23 and 24, 2006. - Welcome to Babylonia, home of Lena, Mahad and their mother Mila. A peaceful haven in the tyranny of the Sphere, the family lives happily, but with a secret. Seijins (humans with telekinetic powers) are the most wanted people in Skyland, something Mila knows only too well, as both she and her daughter belong to this select group. The children are unaware of their Mother's secret until an incident at their home exposes both Mila and Lena and they are forced to flee. Knowing the Sphere will hunt them down; Mila sends her children away and stays behind to be captured by the Sphere. Lena and Mahad are sent away in a stolen enemy ship when suddenly they find themselves confronted by the Pirates. The children are taken in by the band of pirates and learn even more of their parents past. They are escorted to their father's last known secret headquarters only to find his famous Hyperion ship—seemingly waiting for Mahad to inherit. Unfortunately, they are intercepted by the evil Diwan, minion to Sphere leader Oslo and they are forced to battle their way out. They rejoin the pirates who invite the children to live in Puerto Angel where they will continue the fight to find their mother and defeat the evil Sphere. And so, the adventure begins-

*Ep. 3 "The Great Wall" - Air date April 31, 2006. - An old friend of the Vector's sends news to Puerto Angel - he may have a lead on Lena and Mahad's mother. They travel to Ningxia, a Chinese block, where they find a Sphere invasion in progress and are captured. In jail, they are introduced to the Vector's friend, Master Hailong Zalo, also a powerful Seijin. In a daring escape, Zalo psychically bonds with Lena to give her a telepathic message from her mother, in turn giving her enough power to defeat the invasion and escape with Mahad.

*Ep. 4 "Mogura" - Air date May 7, 2006. - Puerto Angel suffers through a severe drought that ends up dangerously dehydrating Lena. The pirates investigate a remote block of ice that the Vector believes will supply them with much needed water. Upon arriving, they find that the Sphere has struck first, the pirates board the deserted drilling station in hopes of finding some water the Sphere may have left behind. There, they battle the Mogura, a huge spider-like robot that has turned from a simple tool into a deadly threat to any human that confronts it. Thankfully, the pirates (including a weak Lena) manage to fight the creature off, collect the vast water supply left behind and save the people of Puerto Angel.

*Ep. 5 "Raging Archipelago" - Air date May 14, 2006. - The pirates of Puerto Angel rescue a mysterious stranger named Sansken who is looking to contact the pirates with important information about Kharzem Prison (where Mahad and Lena's mother Mila is being held). The kids follow him to the Raging Archipelago - formerly the city of Paris, hidden in a large atmospheric storm. It is there that they find themselves in a double-cross when it is revealed that Sansken lured them there to hand them over to the Sphere. After a huge battle with Diwan and Oslo, the children are rescued by Sansken who explains that he was blackmailed by the Sphere in order to save his own children.

*Ep. 6 "Eye of the Storm" - Air date May 21, 2006. - An impending hurricane threatens a sector of Skyland and it's up to Cortes and the Saint Nazaire to rescue refugees left stranded. While investigating a deserted ice block, the storm overpowers the Hyperion leaving Mahad and Dahlia stranded. Back on Puerto Angel, Lena becomes concerned with Mahad's absence. Mahad and Dahlia realize that the heavy wind is pushing their ice block towards Puerto Angel. The only way to stop it is by detonating the reactor core of their ship and breaking up the deadly collision. Mahad tells Wayan of his plan and Lena, overhearing, fears for her brother's life. With all of her strength, she harnesses the power of the lightning to melt the ice block allowing Mahad and Dahlia to escape safely in the Hyperion.

*Ep. 7 "Mutiny" - Air date May 28, 2006. - While out on patrol, the Saint Nazaire shoots down a wayward Sphere patroller and rescues a small family of Seijin escapees. Bringing them on-board, Cortes and the pirates realize too late that the "parents" are actually Sphere agents transporting a young girl, Celia, as their prisoner. The rebels find themselves imprisoned on their own ship and must act quickly to free themselves before Oslo and Diwan reach them. With the help of Lena, Celia's powers awaken and together they overcome the two agents in time.

*Ep. 8 "Manipulations" - Air date July 2, 2006. - A solar phenomenon has unusual effects on Seijin powers which allows Oslo to take control of Dahlia in an effort learn the coordinates of the pirate hideout. He uses Dahlia to attack Puerto Angel's water storage tank, and pin the blame on Lena. Mahad is bewildered and more than a little angry at the change in Dahlia, who is really trying to fight her way free of Oslo's control. Lena is also feeling the effects of the solar phenomenon, and is uncertain of her own innocence. She turns to the Vector for help, and together they discover that Oslo is responsible. Lena uses her powers to get into Dahlia's head, and although she isn't strong enough to fight against Oslo, she convinces Dahlia that no one should be able to boss her around in her own body.

*Ep. 9 "King for a Day" - Air date July 9, 2006. - Deciding that Mahad needs a lesson in responsibility, Cortes leaves him in charge of Puerto Angel while the Saint Nazaire goes to retrieve some unguarded water. Mahad makes the most of the opportunity and decides to declare a 'Mahad Day', complete with celebrations. But the fun is soon over when the threat of a fleet of Sphere ships reaches the pirate block. Mahad is certain something's fishy, and sure enough it turns out to be a hoax played by Cortes. Mahad calls him on it, and then refuses to listen when Cortes warns him that there really is a Sphere patroller on the way.

*Ep. 10 "Red Rock People" - Air date July 16, 2006. - Lena and Mahad are stranded with their arch enemy, Oslo, on an abandoned rebel hideout which is guarded by a mysterious creature.

*Ep. 11 "Babylonia" - Air date July 23, 2006. - A telepathic message from their mother sends Lena and Mahad home to Babylonia looking for more information. The message turns out to be Lena's memories of her mother, but they prove to be powerful enough to save their lives.

*Ep. 12 "Blood Ties" - Air date July 30, 2006. - Cheng is contacted by his Grandfather, who he had been told was no longer alive. Desperate to know about his family he leaves Puerto Angel on a journey that proves to him family comes in many different packages.

*Ep. 13 "Life on Puerto Angel" (AKA: 'Max') - Air date Nov. 5, 2006. - During an expedition on the block of Brooklyn, Mahad, Lena and Cheng meet a strange character and his daughter, pursued by the Sphere. Once in Puerto Angel, the Vector identifies the man as being a great scientist whose research on water poses a threat to the Sphere. Mahad is more interested in his daughter, Astrid. She reveals a true surprise to him; Max is absolutely not the scientist who he claims to be.

*Ep. 14 "Shadows of the Past" - Air date Nov. 12, 2006 - Mahad and Lena stumble upon a water tanker on a very strange course. Inside, they find Oslo, near-death and with the tanker set on an unchangeable course for Oslo's home block, where his brother awaits.

*Ep. 15 "The Heart of the Arena" - Air date Nov. 19, 2006 - Mahad is kidnapped and brought to Tak, a ringmaster who operates a popular fighting arena that provides entertainment for the Sphere and Skyland. It's up to Cortes, Lena and Dahlia to get Mahad back, but could they be walking into a trap?

*Ep. 16 "Wind Devils" - Air Date Unknown - Mahad runs into his old friend, Lucretia, but clashes with her ideals. Meanwhile, the Saint Nazaire is caught up in a wind storm with time becoming a very big factor.

*Ep. 17 "Cortes' Secret" - Air Date Unknown - Cortes is visibly irritated by the presence of his brother, Christophe, whom he considers a traitor. Things change when Christophe reveals that a rescue operation is needed to retrieve his ship, a sister ship to the St. Nazaire. But is Christophe really telling the whole story?

*Ep. 18 "The Island of the Child King" -September 23,2007- Mahad and Lena travel to an old hotel in a faraway block, where a make-shift orphanage has been made. The leader of the block, an older child himself, refuses to believe Mahad and Lena's warnings that the Sphere is on their way, until things get serious.

*Ep. 19 "Alice" - Air Date Unknown - A sphere agent named Alice arrives in Puerto Angel and is imprisoned. Alice breaks out and is later kept hidden by Mahad after she saves his life, but is it possible she will never believe the truth about the Sphere that Mahad so desperately wants her to?

*Ep. 20 "The Secret Power" - Air date March 18, 2007 - Lena and other Seijins are abducted by a woman named Shinseiki, who claims she alone can fulfill the Prophecy and reunite Skyland. The trouble is, she needs to make use of other Seijins' powers to do so, and the process could end up destroying entire blocks and killing thousands.

*Ep. 21 "The Book of Worlds" - Air date March 25, 2007 - After finding a navigation device in a ghost ship, the pirates go off in search of the Book of Worlds, one of the few keys needed to unifying Skyland. However, the Sphere plans to gain an advantage from the book to rule all the known blocks. With the help of the ghostly Countess Kondratti, Mahada and Lena must find the book before the Sphere arrives if they will have any hope of finding Kharzem.

*Ep. 22 "Infiltration" - Air date April 1, 2007 - Taking a joyride in the Hyperion, Mahad and Lena nearly crash into Jonah, a security specialist fleeing the Sphere. Jonah explains he was hired to create a particular temporary holding cell on the Monolith for a "very important Seijin". Mahad and Lena are overjoyed -- it has to be their mother and now they know EXACTLY where to find her! Mahad comes up with a plan that gets him and Lena onto the Monolith. After some careful maneuvering, the children are blissfully reunited with their mother, but only briefly as Oslo and Diwan discover their whereabouts. Sadly, Mila realizes once again she must sacrifice herself for her children to escape. As Lena and Mahad speed away, Lena has a vision of the hangar where the Hyperion was found. Telling Mahad this is where they need to go next, the episode ends. (Note: In Canada this episode was originally scheduled to air as #24, right before the two-part finale, so this may explain the conclusion of the episode which does not continue into the two episodes listed below)

*Ep. 23 "Blue Sky" - Air date April 8, 2007 - Thanks to the new defense grid, Blue Sky, installed by the Vector, Puerto Angel can remain hidden indefinitely, allowing the pirates to conduct their raids without fear of invasion. On one such raid, they discover a device that contains all of Mila's memories. However, in order to access those memories, the device must be connected to Blue Sky, rendering Puerto Angel defenseless. Lena, with the help of Cheng, go against Cortes' orders and connect the device, until they realize it is a trap set by Oslo, who plans to destroy the resistance once and for all.

*Ep. 24 "The Secret of Temuera" - Air date April 15, 2007 - Lena receives a vision of trouble in the Temuera block. Oslo's troops are occupying the area, looking for a legendary relic, "the Origin", which can magnify a Seijin's powers hundredfold. Mahad and Lena must cooperate with Faro, the village elder of the Temuera block, in order to retrieve the Origin before Oslo can get to it.

*Ep. 25-26 "Kharzem Fortress: Parts One and Two" - Diwan seemingly dies, Lena and Mahad retrieve their mother. Oslo tells Lena that her father is alive and he knows where he is, she doesn't believe him. Kharzem Fortress is severely damaged, Oslo survives and laughs maniacally. Brigs that use seijin power are introduced.

Production details

Animation: The first part of the animation was produced by Attitude Studios of Paris, France, with large amounts of facial animation work and rendering outsourced to DQ Entertainment in India. Subsequently, the later part of the season has been completely animated and finalized in DQ Entertainment of Hyderabad, India, using a completed motion capture shot in Attitude Studio. It appears to make extensive use of motion capture technology (i.e. animation modeled upon data from live actors) for a next-generation animation look.

Soundtrack: The music was composed by Paul Intson, of Canada. The extensive sound design and 5.1 surround mix was done by Jim Longo of Rhythm Division in Toronto, Canada. Music editing was performed at Rhythm Division by Rob Kirkpatrick on season 1 and Kevan Staples for season 2. Additional editing by Bojan Risojevic.


There is currently one Skyland movie, apparently written by Skyland's creator Emmanuel Gorinstein, in pre-production, with a budget of 23 million Euros, slated for release pre-Christmas 2008. The possibility of another two movies to be on the drawing board also exists.Fact|date=June 2007

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