Grand Duchy of Frankfurt

Grand Duchy of Frankfurt

Infobox Former Country
native_name = "Großherzogtum Frankfurt" (de)
"Grand-duché de Francfort" (fr)<
conventional_long_name = Grand Duchy of Frankfurt
common_name = Frankfurt|
continent = Europe
region = Central Europe
country = Germany
era = Napoleonic Wars
status = Client state
status_text= Client of the First French Empire
empire = First French Empire
government_type = Grand Duchy|
year_start = 1810
year_end = 1813|
event_start =
date_start = 16 February
event_end =
date_end = December|
p1 = Free City of Frankfurt
image_p1 =
p2 = Principality of Aschaffenburg
image_p2 =
s1 = Free City of Frankfurt
image_s1 = |



image_map_caption = Frankfurt (red) within the Confederation of the Rhine|
capital = Aschaffenburg
latd=50 |latm=7 |latNS=N |longd=8 |longm=41 |longEW=E|
leader1 = Napoleon I
title_leader = Protector
deputy1 = Karl Theodor von Dalberg
deputy2 = Eugene de Beauharnais
year_deputy1 = 1810–1813
year_deputy2 = 1813
title_deputy = Grand Duke|
stat_year1 = 1810
stat_area1 = 5173
stat_pop1 = 302100|
footnotes =
The Grand Duchy of Frankfurt was a German satellite state of Napoleonic creation. It came into existence in 1810 through the combination of the former territories of the Archbishops of Mainz along with the Imperial city of Frankfurt itself.

Frankfurt lost its status as an imperial free city in 1806 with the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. The city was granted to the previous Archbishop of Mainz, Karl Theodor Anton Maria von Dalberg, and became the Principality of Frankfurt. When Dalberg was forced to relinquish his Principality of Regensburg to the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1810, he combined his remaining territories of Aschaffenburg, Wetzlar, Fulda, Hanau, and Frankfurt into the new Grand Duchy of Frankfurt.

Although the grand duchy was named after the city of Frankfurt, Dalberg resided in the city of Aschaffenburg. However, the territory was actually ruled by French commissioners. By the constitution of the grand duchy, upon Dalberg's death, the state would be inherited by Napoleon's stepson, Eugene de Beauharnais.

Dalberg abdicated in favour of Eugene on 26 October 1813, following Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of Leipzig. The grand duchy ceased to exist after December 1813, when the city was occupied by allied troops. While Frankfurt itself once again became a free city, most of the territory of the grand duchy was ultimately annexed by the Kingdom of Bavaria.

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