The Communicator (Enterprise)

The Communicator (Enterprise)

ST episode
name = The Communicator

Reed is captured when he returns to retrieve a lost communicator
series = Enterprise
ep_num = 34
prod_num = 208
date = November 13, 2002
writer =Rick Berman
Brannon Braga
Teleplay by:
Andre Bormanis
director = James A. Contner
guest = Francis Guinan
Tim Kelleher
Dennis Cockrum
Brian Reddy
Jason Waters
stardate = unknown
year = 2152
prev = The Seventh
next = Singularity

"The Communicator" is the 34th episode (production #208) of the television series "".


Reed and Archer retrieve a communicator left behind on an alien planet, but are captured in the process.


After returning from an exploratory mission to a pre-atomic era society on the brink of war, Reed discovers that he's lost his communicator. Archer and Reed return to the planet to try and find it so as not to contaminate the culture with high tech, but instead manage to walk into a trap set by the local military who have already found the communicator. Now they also have scanners and a phase pistol as well.

When T'Pol's attempt to contact the away team actually divulges the captain's identity, Archer and Reed are interrogated. After a mild beating, it's discovered that not only are Archer’s and Reed's foreheads not the same as the locals, but they bleed red. A physical examination reveals that they are very different indeed, so Archer and Reed improvise a story about being genetically-altered prototypes (with prototype equipment) from the enemy Alliance. While delaying suspicion that they are aliens, it doesn't save them from an appointment with the gallows.

On Enterprise, a rescue mission is planned. They will use the captured Suliban cell ship under cloak to mount the rescue. While trying to get the cloak to work, Trip's arm is irradiated and rendered invisible. With the execution imminent, the rescue is on -- cloak ready or not.

Archer and Reed muse on how it's better that they sacrifice themselves rather than do any more damage to the culture. As they are about to be hanged, the cavalry arrives, cloaked, which not only saves Archer and Reed, but also allows Archer to retrieve all of the lost technology. Back on Enterprise, Archer reflects on the ramifications of what happened on the planet. T'Pol is impressed that Archer was willing to sacrifice himself -- it’s more than she expected of him.

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