List of Governors of Wyoming

List of Governors of Wyoming

This is a list of the governors of Wyoming. The United States initially acquired some of the land that is today Wyoming from France in the Louisiana Purchase. This land was initially organized as Louisiana Territory, later renamed Missouri Territory. The Adams-Onís Treaty transferred more of Wyoming to the United States, this time from New Spain. When Texas declared independence in 1836, it claimed a small portion of present-day Wyoming. Following the annexation of Texas in 1845, and the receipt of the Mexican Cession following the Mexican-American War, all of Wyoming was now within the United States. At various points in history, parts of Wyoming were in Oregon, Utah, Nebraska, Dakota, Washington and Idaho Territories, as well as the short-lived Republic of Texas. Wyoming Territory itself was organized in 1868, and the state was admitted to the union on July 10 1890.

List of Governors

Governors of Wyoming Territory


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