Intersection has various meanings in different contexts:
*In mathematics and geometry
**Intersection (set theory), the set of elements common to some collection of sets.
**Line-line intersection
**Line-plane intersection
**Line–sphere intersection
**Intersection of a polyhedron with a line
**Line segment intersection
**Intersection theory
*Intersection (road), a place where two roads meet (line-line intersection)
*Intersection (aviation), a virtual navigational fix

Intersection may also refer to:
*"Intersection" (film), a 1994 remake of the French film "Les Choses de la vie".
*an element in the Reality TV series The Amazing Race. It requires two teams to join together and complete tasks as a newly conjoined team until further notice.
*"Intersections (1985-2005)", a 2006 box set released by Bruce Hornsby.
*"Intersection (convention)", the 53rd World Science Fiction Convention, held in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1995

Intersect redirects here. It may refer to:
*an intelligence database that is the central plot device in the TV series "Chuck".

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