Melt can refer to:

  • Melting, in physics, the process of heating a solid substance to a liquid
  • Melt (manufacturing), the semi-liquid material used in steelmaking and glassblowing
  • Melt inclusions, a feature of igneous rock
  • Melt sandwich or cheese melt, a grilled sandwich
  • A shortened form of meltdown, a whitewater kayaking technique
  • A shortened form of meltwater, water released from the thawing of snow and ice

In music


Scott 'MELT' Jenkins, One of the world wide leaders of the melt community, best known for his 'Shopping List' piece first performed in Malta 2011 where his talent of melting first blossomed to his fans. Another piece he is well known for is the great happening 'Lets Go Out like Every Night' also 'We'll Probably Wake Up With A Goat In Our Room.'

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