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"The American Prospect" is a monthly American political magazine dedicated to liberalism. It bills itself as a journal "of liberal ideas, committed to a just society, an enriched democracy, and effective liberal politics" [] which focuses on U.S. politics and public policy. Politically, the magazine is in support of modern American liberalism, similar to "The New Republic" and "The Nation", which target an intellectual audience likewise.

The magazine was founded in 1990 by Robert Kuttner, Robert Reich, and Paul Starr as a response to the perceived intellectual ascendancy of conservatism in the 1980s. Originally it published quarterly, then bimonthly. In 2000, thanks to a grant from the Schumann Center for Media and DemocracyFact|date=February 2007, it became biweekly. Financial and logistical difficulties ensued, and the magazine moved to its present monthly format in spring 2003. Currently Kuttner and Starr share the title of Editor with Mark Schmitt, who is also the magazine's executive editor. The online version of the magazine includes an active blog, [ TAPPED]

The magazine's alumni include Jonathan Chait, Jonathan Cohn, Joshua Green, Joshua Micah Marshall, Jedediah Purdy, Chris Mooney, Matthew Yglesias, Michael Massing, Joe Conason, and Scott Stossel.

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